Kurulus Osman Tekfur Aris Vs UC Bey – Who Will Win?

Kurulus Osman
kurulus osman

Kurulus Osman: As the founder of the Ottoman Empire, Osman Gazi faces numerous challenges. He must first overcome the Byzantine Empire and Mongol Empire before moving on to fight his internal enemies. This article will examine the strengths and weaknesses of both men. By the end of this article, you will have a better idea of which fighters will prevail on the night. However, you should first understand what makes these two fighters so powerful. Bitcoin in USD

Tekfur Aris

Turkish historical drama television series Kurulus Osman, also known as “The Founder of the Ottoman Empire”, is currently in its seventh season. Created by Mehmet Bozdag, it stars Burak Ozcivit as the titular character. The series chronicles the life and times of Osman I, the founder of the Ottoman Empire. In this historical drama, Osman has several companions, including Dirilis and Ertugrul, who help him in his quest to rule the empire.

The first episode follows the capture of two of the henchmen of Togay, including one who is the blood brother of Cerkutay. The second episode follows the capture of another ally of Nikola, Malhun, by Osman’s forces. The two battle in Sogut and Osman wins. He also gains respect from the other beys of Bithynia.

In the first two seasons of Kurulus: Osman, Ertugrul was jealous of his brother, the Tekfur of the Karacahisar Castle. The two men are obsessed with driving the Turks away and plot against Ertugrul. Vasilius is a romantic figure, falling in love with Helena but being revealed as the murderer of her father angers him. Ertugrul kills him.

Tekfur Aris’s son, Batur Osman Bey, is a loyal but weak personality. He stabbed his father because he thought him to be a traitor. His father is a powerful ruler, but he is a weak personality. He was killed at the age of 92 or 93.

ATV also aired the show Osman with record-breaking ratings. In a quarte-friday night, the show had 13,36% audiencia, a record for a Turkish television series. The show was also popular on social media. The 42nd episode featured a conversation between Bamsi Bey and Cerkutay. Critics labeled this episode as tocante.


“Tekfur kurulus osmen” is the title of a book written by Osman. The book describes the pasuk of Tekfur, and the tantangan that he receives from Osman for berperang. Osman and Tekfur become friends on a fateful esok day. Osman’s kurulus carries a surprisingly touching message.

Osman’s brothers were also important figures in his empire. He ruled as the Sanjak Bey, and his headquarters were located in the town of Eskisehir. Osman’s son, Dundar Bey, later fought for the Sultanate and was assassinated by his brother.

Osman’s journey to reclaim his honour begins in episode three. He later meets another woman who is the friend of his wife, Edebali. This episode also introduces the character Bala Hatun. The characters in the series are all very different, and there are several recurring characters. The story concludes with Osman becoming the new Bey of the region. But his father has died. He is now the last Bey of the Ertugrul clan.

In Tekfur kurulus olman episode 73, we see the first marriage of Osman’s son Ertugrul Gazi, and the beginning of a relationship between the two. In the beginning, Tekfur Osman was a popular Turkish television show. It depicted the struggles of Osman against the Mongols and Byzantium. Despite the fact that Osman married a Turkish woman, he had a difficult time settling down in the new city.

Tekfur Bey’s ancestors included Byzantine Christian noblemen who were close to the Turkish Empire. Kose Mihal was one of the first significant Byzantine noblemen to convert to Islam. His first name was Bala Hatun, while his second was Malhun. But the name is ambiguous. It is likely that the name was a mix of the two names.

Tekfur Aris vs Uc Bey

If you’re planning to watch Tekfur Aris vs UC Bey fight, you’re in for a treat! The two Turkish welterweights will fight each other on the first round of the match on November 9. The matchup will pit two former governors against each other: Orhan Bey and Suleyman’a Izmit’i.

The KO of this match is going to be close! If you’re unsure of who will win the fight, you can find out more about the fighters from both camps. Both of these boxers hail from the same city, Istanbul. The fight will take place at Pera’daki Ceneviz Kolonisi.

Ertugrul fought in the early 13th century. He eventually went on to become the first Uc Bey to conquer Europe.

The fight also features the popular Kantakuzenos Papaya. This ring is famous for a lot of reasons. It’s not only a good omen for Tekfur Aris, but it also shows the power of Papaya. The winner of this bout takes home a hefty purse. This is a great fight between two great men. Just be sure to watch it if you can.

While the match between two great Turkish oaters is a good fight, the outcome is not as clear as many would like. Both teams are fighting to earn bragging rights, but Uc Bey is a better choice. The match is a good test of both men’s will and is worth watching. You’ll be glad you did!

The first fight between these two fighters was a classic match. Tekfur Aris’ victory gave the crowd a reason to cheer. This is a great bout of heavyweights. The winner won’t have to fight much longer! The fight will take place in the middle of the night. The fans will love it. If you’re wondering about the outcome of the match, this article is for you!

Tekfur vs Uc Bey

The story of Tekfur and Uc Bey dates back to the early thirteenth century. The Tekfurs had been suzerainty of the Seljuq empire. In the early fourteenth century, the II-Khanids captured Bursa. The border prince of Orhan declared independence from the suzerains. He then assumed the title of bey. This story was adapted for television and film.

Tekfur is a renowned figure of the Turkish history. In his film Dirilis Ertugrul, Tekfur’s father, Bamsi, tries to kill his father’s beylik. This leads to an epic battle with the Turks. In the end, Ural Bey is rescued by Emir Sadettin Kopek, and he seeks the help of Turgut to free his father.

Osman, however, orders his governors to stop paying taxes. The Tekfur of Rum Aya Nikola defeats the Byzantines, but not before Osman orders the beys to sack the town. After the siege, Osman orders Tekfur’s troops to stop paying taxes. The Byzantines besiege Iznik, and Osman kills the beys.

Umur Bey is the first land lord of the Kayi tribe. He replaced Ertugrul and framed Gunduz for Dundar’s death. The Beys’ successors are Ilbilge and Beybolat. These two Teki warriors are fierce rivals and their conflict is not over yet. They fight each other for supremacy and control of the region.

The Tekfur Palace is a three-story building with a balcony on the east face and five large windows on the first floor. The building also has an arcade with four arches on the ground floor. Its walls are made of red bricks and white marbles and have a traditional Byzantine feel. Although there are still many mysteries about the Tekfur Palace, this history and the legend surrounding it have provided a great backdrop for the television series.

After the first season, the tensions between the Kayi and Ertugrul escalate, while Candar Bey is troubled by the murder of Toktamis and ties the Knights Templar to the murder. In Kayi Camp, tensions arise between Banu Cicek and Halime as Ural betrays his father Candar and his sister Aslihan. Despite Ural’s promise, Ertugrul hesitates to accept Candar Bey’s proposal to join the clan.

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