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If you have a question about the website, you can contact irish sports daily to resolve it. There are also rules and FAQs on how to post content on the website. Here are some common questions and answers: MLive Sports


You may want to know the Rules of Irish sport daily before joining their forum. Irish Sports Daily has a zero tolerance policy on posting private or defamatory information. This rule applies to both posters and other users of the site. These rules cover posting about athletes, staff from the University of Notre Dame, business owners, and other members. This rule also applies to posting about personal information about someone else. Irish Sport Daily reserves the right to suspend or ban members who violate the Rules.

The Rules of Irish sports daily prohibit advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, and solicitations in the forum. Advertisers must contact the administrator of the forum to confirm that they are the owner of the account. Irish Sports Daily will never tolerate any type of advertising. Alternatively, you may post your own advert on the Irish Sport Daily forum, but make sure to contact the administrator of the Irish Sports Daily before posting.

Contacting irish sports daily

If you are interested in advertising on Irish Sport Daily, you may contact the website’s administrators. Irish Sports Daily is an independent website and is not affiliated with the University of Notre Dame. All rights reserved. Please note that we do not tolerate posting defamatory information or private information. However, we will gladly accept requests from businesses. The Irish Spors Daily cannot accept requests for solicitations, chain letters, or pyramid schemes. We also do not publish content which is protected by copyright.

If you have noticed any post containing copyrighted content on Irish Sports Daily, you may contact the moderators. Moderators can delete, edit, or remove your post. In some cases, moderators may even decide to rescind your posting privileges. If you are concerned, you can also report the post in the site’s forum. Please note that this method of contact is the most straightforward way to report a post that violates copyright laws.

Changing a username

You can change your username on Irish Sports Daily, if you would like to. The username you have chosen should not reflect the name of a non-current advertiser. You can change your username once, but you have to do it with good reason. If you wish to change your username, make sure to send a note to the Irish Sports Daily customer service with the new name you have selected. Also, you should be aware that postings on the Irish Sport Daily forum cannot be advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, or solicitations. These are not acceptable and will result in your account being suspended indefinitely.

In addition to changing your username, you can also change your password and email address. If you have registered to use an Irish Sport Daily forum, you must have a valid email address and be over eighteen years old. Irish Sport Daily reserves the right to remove or edit your posts, so make sure your email is valid. If you do not receive a response within a week, you should consider contacting the moderator and requesting a new one.

Removing copyrighted material

Upon being notified that a posting is containing copyrighted material, Irish Sports Daily will take appropriate action to remove it. This action may include deletion, editing, or a combination of these actions. The Irish Sports Daily forum moderator will also log the incident. If the posting still persists after these steps, contact the Irish Sport Daily administrator. This may take several business days.

The posters must be paying advertisers. They can post their contact information only if they are approved by the Irish Sports Daily administration. Posting services are allowed to post contact information on Irish Sports Daily but may not post copyrighted material. In addition, Irish Sports Daily has a strict policy against solicitations and advertisements. Hence, if you are the owner of copyrighted material and wish to remove it from our site, please contact the administrator of Irish Sport Daily.

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