Smash It Sports Tops Resmondo Rookies 6-3

Smash It Sports
Smash It Sports

In a 6-3 victory over Resmondo on Saturday, the Smash It Sports topped the Resmondo Rookies at home with a four-run sixth inning. Brandon Dillon and Don DeDonatis both homered, and Smash It Sports center fielder Mike Umschied made a nice catch on a long dead run. Resmondo’s defense held strong, however, and they managed to keep the game close despite losing the game.Elon Musk

Brandon Dillon

During the first season, the Dillon Panthers team is facing off against West Cambria, a high school where Dillon is a star player. He tries to lure Smash to his school, but is kicked out for violent temper. In season two, Dillon makes the team’s way to state and meets the rival Panthers. The team loses, but Dillon is surprised and tries to rally the team.

During his college career, Dillon played college football at Marian University, an NCAA Division II school with less than 2,500 undergraduate enrollees. He earned All-Mid-State honors and was the second Marian player to sign an NFL contract. The Vikings signed Dillon as an undrafted free agent in 2019. Before he was signed to the NFL, Dillon had already turned down opportunities to play at the highest level of college football. Toledo and Bowling Green, Ohio both recruited him as a preferred walk-on, but Dillon chose to enroll at Marian University.

While Dillon is popular among teens, his relationship with Julie Taylor is not as strong. While both are devoted to their careers, their love lives aren’t the same. Their relationship becomes complicated as they fall in love and start to date. While the series has been a success, it’s not as popular with adults. There are several characters with serious issues, including two teen-agers and a middle-aged man.

Aside from the Dillon family, there are several other characters on the show. Lauren Davis, a former soccer coach and athletic director, dates Dillon after his breakup with Julie. She becomes his girlfriend in season three after he rejects an offer from Boston College. After they break up in season four, the two become friends again, but the relationship doesn’t last. During season five, the relationship with Landry takes an unexpected turn as she realizes that Dillon’s heart is with Dillon.

The show’s premise is that Dillon kids are very talented. While a child can become an elite athlete by playing a sport, the ability to compete is a crucial aspect of success. This is the motivation for the Dillon Panthers to win their championships. In a nutshell, these children will become a super-team. And a lot of this will be down to hard work and determination.

Don DeDonatis III

Don DeDonatis III grew up watching the Detroit Tigers and behemoths of slow-pitch softball. His dream was to play for the Tigers, but he had a plan B. He was a slick fielding shortstop, and his father, Don DeDonatis II, is the CEO of the United States Specialty Sports Association. The two met at a baseball tournament, and Don took him under his wing.

Smash It Sports led 4-0 after two innings, with homers from Ryan Harvey, Andrew Collins, Don DeDonatis III, and Jason Branch. Resmondo had a home run each by Bryson Baker and Travis Clark. But Andrew Collins made an excellent catch to end the inning. Then, in the bottom of the fifth, Smash It got two runs off of a Resmondo pitcher.

Luis Reyna

During game 18, the team led FBI 4-2 after a three-run homer in the top of the second inning. However, Smash It Sports’ right fielder leapt over the fence and caught the ball. A few batters later, FBI slugger Brian Wegman hit a three-run homer down the right field line, but Smash It Sports’ right fielder robbed him.

The bottom of the seventh inning was a different story. In the bottom half, the Resmondo batting around their lineup scored nine runs. Two of them hit grand slams, including a clutch two-out grand slam. After an intentionally walked batter, the team tied the game with one out. Then, in the bottom of the seventh, PRI had to settle for a walk by Resmondo.

Despite the loss, the Smash It Sports team still played well. The team’s Mississippi Phone and wrapper performances improved during the last two games, allowing Smash It Sports to win both of them. The team also beat La Famiglia 86-72. The next game will take place on September 20 and 23 in Orlando.

Ryan Harvey was the 49th Smoky Mountain Classic’s Most Valuable Player. Last year, Harvey was a member of the Backman/Louisville Slugger squad. After two years with the team, Harvey was let go. But after searching for him in the offseason, he was able to find a new home. During the Smoky Mountain Classic, Harvey was called a “gentle giant” and went 33-for-37 at the plate. He hit 23 home runs.

After two innings, Smash It Sports led 4-0. The team was led by former teammates, including B.J. Fulk, Greg Connell, and Dan “Dirty” Sanchez. Despite the score, the team showed its grit by catching five of Resmondo’s seven hits. The team took home three of the four runs in the fourth inning.

Dennis Rulli

In the bottom of the eighth, Don DeDonatis hit a three-run homer. The game was a rout after that, and Resmondo’s Travis Clark walked off. The Smash It Sports team won nine of the 12 tournaments it played during the regular season, going 64-7. The team opened up the World Series against Steel Sports, the current Class A world champions, and beat TDB/TM Sports in Charlotte, North Carolina. Both teams wore bright yellow shirts and pants with purple lettering. In the championship game, Smash It Sports beat Steel Sports and went undefeated through five games to claim their second USSSA Men’s Major World Series title.

In the second inning, Smash It Sports led 4-0, as Ryan Harvey, Andrew Collins, Don DeDonatis, and Jason Branch each homered. Resmondo closed the gap to 20-13, but in the bottom of the fourth, Ryan Harvey hit a three-run homer to tie the game. Smash It fought back by scoring four runs on four hits and two walks. Ryan Harvey made a nice play at the plate to end the inning.

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