Bitly Using QR Codes For Marketing

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The first step in utilizing the power of QR codes for marketing is to use a service like Bitly to shorten your website’s URL. They offer a number of different features, including tracking, analytics, and customization. You can use Bitly for print ads, outdoor banners, and more. The codes they generate are static, so your users never have to worry about the URLs going stale. Also, you can redirect them if the content on your site changes.

Shortening URLs

A free account with Bitly QR Codes once offered a lot. Now, however, it’s difficult to recommend it to small businesses. The limited plan no longer includes analytics for more than ten thousand links per month. In addition, you can only customize the back half of fifty shortened URLs. Even if you’re using it for free, you should consider upgrading to a paid plan to enjoy its full features.

You can shorten long URLs quickly and easily using Bitly. Once registered, you can use the short URLs to share them across your channels. You can track total clicks, where and when people clicked on your links. You can use this information to personalize your next campaign. To get started, go to bitly’s homepage and log in with your Google or Facebook accounts. You can then go to the “My Account” tab and enter the short URL.

The URL shortening service offers a browser extension and a mobile application that allows you to insert mini Bitly gadgets into your web pages. Bitly’s Chrome extension can be downloaded from Google Play. Once installed, it shows you a small b in a circle icon next to the URL box. If you hold down the mouse pointer over the b, you’ll get a Bitmarklet.

URL shorteners can be very useful, but they’re no longer a necessity. These services go beyond the needs of most people. For example, Twitter automatically shortens links when shared, while iMessage hides links behind a preview card. You no longer need to worry about sending your URLs in a text message to someone who doesn’t use it. That’s why there’s a reason why Bitly has become so popular.

While Bit ly is a convenient service for shortened URLs, you should also keep in mind the fact that a short URL will not necessarily contain an anchor text. Anchor text is the word or phrase that’s hyperlinked. By including your keyword in the slug, your short link will count as a backlink, which will help your SEO. You can use a different slug for each URL, depending on your preferences and the purpose of your website.

Tracking clicks

If you’re looking to track the performance of individual links and CTAs, you can use the reporting feature in Bitly. While the reports aren’t as detailed as the overlay reports, they will still help you understand how well your campaign is performing. Popular brands such as Beats by Dre use Bitly branded shortened URLs to track the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. Beats by Dre used Bitly to track link clicks and changes in content, which increased click-through rates and performance.

As a retailer, it is vital to track where new customers come from. Using a tracking link to measure ROI is a great way to get this information. It also saves space on social media posts and email marketing campaigns, and can give you multiple sources of information. If you’re wondering if Bitly is right for you, here’s a quick review of some of the top features of the service.

The free plan allows you to track only up to 30 days of links. Custom plans offer up to two years of link tracking. However, you’ll be limited to tracking performance metrics through 90 days. Despite its limitations, Bitly is a great tool for tracking short-term link performance, but for URLs with long-term goals, you’ll need to find a different tool. Let’s explore the details.

Unlike Google Analytics, Bitly QR Codes counts multiple clicks from the same person or bot as a single session. While this is a great tool for tracking the performance of your marketing efforts, you should keep in mind that Bitly will count clicks from multiple bots or users as one session. This is because it counts multiple users as one click, whereas Google Analytics counts each click as one pageview.


You might have heard of Google Analytics, but what exactly is it? In short, it is a web analytics tool that tracks a website’s traffic. Unlike Google Analytics, which tracks visitors’ behavior and traffic patterns, Bitly analytics does not use a cookie to track visitors’ activities. Moreover, it does not count a visitor’s traffic if he doesn’t fully load a page. Here are a few tips to make use of this web analytics tool.QR Codes

Besides helping marketers understand link engagement, Bitly helps customer service teams analyze and improve their content and communications. Bitly metrics provide comprehensive, real-time insights into audience engagement across multiple channels. Its graphical display allows users to view information from the last hour or the entire duration of a link’s availability. The data displayed in this web analytics tool is presented in three columns: “Total,” “Clicks,” and ‘Saves’.

Another feature of Bitly is that it helps track customer journeys across every link and channel, providing real-time data. Bitly also lets you track organic shares. This is useful if you want to know if a certain link is driving traffic to your site. The tool also helps marketers create personalized, relevant content. The analytics provided by Bitly are valuable for both small and large businesses. These metrics will help you make better decisions and improve your business. QR Codes

The end-of-month metrics report is a staple for digital marketers. The numbers listed in this report are often shared and checked. But the Bitly dashboard allows you to view all your marketing metrics at once, from sharing to engagement. For instance, if you’re interested in finding out which content gets shared the most, you can also filter the stories by platform and language. The dashboard also offers insights into trending topics and content.