Noticias Urbanas: Factual Reporting and Media Bias

Noticias Urbanas

Mediabuzz recently published a report analyzing Noticias Urbanas’ factual reporting and bias. The article is worth reading if you’re interested in knowing if this Spanish-language newspaper reports events as they really are or if they’re just using facts to sell paper. The article’s source is Spanish, which is an advantage when it comes to reaching large Spanish-speaking audience. This article was written by an independent expert, so it is based on media research and observation. Regulating the Practice

Mediabuzz analyzes Noticias Urbanas’s media bias and factual reporting

The latest analysis of Noticias Urbanas’s factual reporting and media bias finds a lot to be concerned about. The outlet is biased toward liberal views, while its conservative counterparts are more prone to report news on controversial issues. This is the latest example of a growing trend in the Latin American media, but not all media outlets are guilty of this kind of bias. Mediabuzz, a nonprofit media group, is using an algorithm to evaluate a variety of news outlets, including Noticias Urbanas.

But is such a system enough to improve news coverage? The author of the study suggests that we should try a more targeted, independent measure of media bias, which would reveal the media’s true level of bias. While such a tool might not solve all of the news’ bias problems, it would be far better than the ad-hoc measures of bias that most people are already familiar with.


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