Rec Aviation Soaring Clubs

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One of the challenges in getting involved in rec aviation soaring is finding a local soaring club. It’s hard to find one in a large city like Seattle that doesn’t have a good forum section. In addition, finding a local club can be difficult because there aren’t many of them. Here are some places to find a club in your area:

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When it comes to rec aviation soaring, a BLIPMAP is invaluable. Not only can it help a pilot choose the best flight location, but it also helps the pilot plan ahead of time and line up tow pilots. BLIPMAP allows badge and declared task flights to take advantage of the best lift throughout the day, making task selection much easier. It also gives a pilot peace of mind that lift will be available later in the day.

BLIPMAPs are based on a thermal soaring prediction called RASP (Regional Atmospheric Soaring Prediction). They are developed by Dr. Jack, and cover the California-Nevada region. There is also a forum that is geared toward soaring. The forums are a great resource for rec aviation soaring enthusiasts. The BLIPMAP Chronicle is an excellent source of information about the future of BLIPMAPs.

Pemberton Soaring Centre

If you’re looking for a unique experience, try soaring with a gliding center in Canada. The Pemberton Soaring Centre invites you to fly with them in the picturesque pastoral river valley. It’s just 25 minutes north of the Whistler Mountain Ski Resort and two hours from Vancouver.

Seattle Glider Council

The Sporting Code is a document that sets the standards for gliding. Many countries have severely limited airspace, unflyable terrain, or both, making it impossible for a glider to fly for long periods. For example, Japan has none of these factors, yet a 500 km triangle cannot be swooped within its borders.

The Seattle Glider Council is an organization of gliding enthusiasts from all over the Pacific Northwest. The organization manages a soaring site of national caliber in Ephrata, Washington. It has two towplanes on site and holds regular meetings. Soaring takes place from mid-April through October. The SGC publishes a bi-monthly magazine and hosts a picnic social each June.

Free flight is the club’s newsletter, and is a great place to express ideas about soaring. Letters to the editor are also welcome, but the publication of ideas in free flight does not imply endorsement by SAC. Correspondents who want to take formal action should contact their local Zone Director. Non-members can subscribe to the newsletter for $26/47/65 for a half or three-year subscription.

Puget Sound Soaring Association

For anyone who enjoys a little adventure in the sky, soaring is an excellent choice. The Puget Sound Soaring Association is a general aviation, arts and culture organization based in Enumclaw, Washington. The sound of a roaring engine is far less disturbing than the tinny noise of wind. The sound of a glider with two vents is no worse than the sound of a car with the window down during rush hour traffic.

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Dick Schreder’s daughter

A book about the life of the legendary soaring pilot is in the works by Angie Schreder, Dick’s daughter. Angie is an avid soaring enthusiast, and began writing the book when she was just seventeen years old. The book details Dick’s early flying in collage and Navy flying, as well as his first sunk German sub in WW2. Angie recounts several amazing soaring stories, including landing behind Iron Curtin and staying with the primitive people of Argentina during the World Championships.

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