Casely Power Pod – 20% Off With Coupon Code TENDENCIAS20

Casely Power Pod - 20% Off With Coupon Code TENDENCIAS20

The Casely Power Pod is a handy device that helps parents and kids keep in contact with each other. With it, parents can monitor their children’s whereabouts, even in different locations. The app lets parents and kids chat through a mobile phone, making it easy for both parties to stay in touch. While it’s possible to monitor your child’s location using the app, it’s more convenient to check the device in person.

Casely Power Pod MagSafe

The Casely is a MagSafe portable battery that snaps onto the back of your iPhone 12 or 13. It comes in various wild colorways, including MOOd Cow Print and pastel matte finishes. Not only is it functional, it also doubles as a Qi charging pad, letting you charge wireless earbuds. With a 20% discount code, you can get a great deal on this handy accessory.

The Pod has a 3,000 mAh battery, but this is still far from enough to charge your iPhone. But, it’s also compatible with other Qi-compatible devices, such as the Apple AirPods Pro. So, the Pod is a great option if you’re in the market for a new power source. The device also has many other uses, including charging headphones and speakers.

The Casely Power Pod MagSafe is available for $60 shipped, making it an excellent option for those looking for a streamlined power source. This power bank isn’t as innovative as OtterBox’s MagSafe power pass-through model, but it’s a much more affordable option. It’s also cheaper than its counterparts and worth checking out during Casely’s sitewide sales. This is a great way to save money and matches your phone perfectly.

The Casely Power Pod MagSafe is convenient for charging your iPhone with a wireless charging unit. It also comes with a magnetic charging case. This means that your phone can charge anywhere, even when you’re on the go. So, even if you’re traveling, the Pod can provide you with power. A case MagSafe is a great option for any trip.

Casely Power Pod USB-C

The Casely USB-C is a portable magnetic charger compatible with most smartphones. It comes with a charging cable and a magnet that secures the phone to the case. It also comes in different colors. They are available for $ 48 each. Normally, this product costs $60. For a limited time, you can get the product for just $ 48, but you can also get it at 20% off with the coupon code TENDENCIAS20. You can use the discount code on other Casely accessories as well.

The Casely Power Pod is not only a USB-C charging cable, but it can also function as a Qi wireless charger. It also powers up compatible gadgets, such as the Apple AirPods Pro. It also connects to other wired devices for charging, and its design matches well with Casely iPhone cases. The power bank is an indispensable accessory for people who use several mobile devices.

The Casely Power Pod is a MagSafe portable battery that snaps onto the back of your iPhone 12. It is available in different wild colorways, including a cow print, pastel matte, and neon green. Another cool feature of the Casely is that it can act as a Qi charging pad for Apple’s AirPods and other wireless earbud cases. It is also compatible with other devices that support Qi wireless charging, like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

The Casely USB-C has an extremely convenient USB-C charging port. The power output is high, and its size makes it perfect for a laptop or mobile phone. It charges up to five devices simultaneously and can be used in multiple locations. In addition to charging laptops, it is also great for iPods and other USB-C devices. And because it uses USB-C, it can work with any USB-C device.

Another feature of the Power Pod is its durable design. The rubberized case prevents damage and is designed to be used in the field. It can be a pain to remove lint and debris from the device, but it is highly unlikely that a power cord will damage it. They come in two versions-one designed for use with Android devices, while the other is designed for Apple devices.

Whether you’re on a business trip or out and about, the Power Pod provides a convenient and safe way to recharge your phone. This portable charging device can provide enough power for all your phone applications, including calls and maps. With this handy accessory, you’ll never have to worry about being stranded without a working phone. You can even use it to help you navigate while driving.

Casely Lightning

The Casely Power Pod is a portable magnetic charger with a charging cable and a magnet for the phone. The power pod is brand new in the box. It normally costs $60. Unlike some other portable chargers, Casely offers discounts and guarantees. To purchase a Casely Power Pod, visit the manufacturer’s website. There, you will find a wide selection of colors and pricing. Purchasing a Casely Power Pod online is safe, secure, and convenient.

The Casely Power Pod MagSafe power bank is an option for customers looking for a more inexpensive alternative to a MagSafe power pass-through model from OtterBox. This model isn’t as innovative as the OtterBox MagSafe power pass-through models, but it is more affordable during Casely’s site-wide sales. This power bank follows Casely’s usual design focus and matches well with the iPhone 12 and 13 cases.

Power Pod Despite the price of this product, it is surprisingly affordable, and many manufacturers understand that most consumers have limited income. The Power Pod is an excellent value for the money and is still very easy to purchase. You can find a Casely Power Pod Lightning by checking online reviews or reading customer testimonials. Just make sure you enter your shipping address correctly. Incorrect delivery addresses can cause the power pod to take longer to arrive.

Whether you have an iPhone 6 or an iPad Pro, the Casely Power Pod is the perfect accessory. The Power Pod is a wireless charging pad that powers compatible gadgets, including the Apple AirPods Pro. It also can be connected to wired charging devices with a standard USB-C cable. For people with multiple devices, the Casely Power Pod is essential for keeping the device powered. You can’t go without a charging pad or case.