Why Is Fashion Pulis So Popular?

Why Is Fashion Pulis So Popular

Fashion Pulis is a popular entertainment blog run by Michael Sy Lim. Michael writes on various topics including celebrity gossip, food, politics, showbiz, travel, and events. The website is a one-stop shop for all things celeb. Nevertheless, there is a catch – he was arrested for libel and fined $1 million. Read on to know more about Fashion Pulis and its creator. Listed below are some reasons why the website is so popular.

Michael Sy Lim is the blogger behind the popular entertainment blog Fashion Pulis

Celebrity stylist Liz Uy has filed a libel suit against Fashion Pulis blogger Michael Sy Lim for disparaging celebrity stylist Maine Mendoza. The blogger is facing six counts of grave slander and online libel. He said he never meant to defame Liz Uy, and he will fight the charges. Liz Uy has since denied the allegations, but the bloggers continue to bash her.

Aside from running a fashion blog, Michael also has an Instagram account that is used for OOTDs. His signature pose is the fourth position in ballet. This position lengthens the pose and is an excellent way to show off an outfit. Sy Lim’s personal interests also inspire his writing. In his posts, he talks about the latest fashion trends, celebrities, and pop culture.

A popular gossip blog, “Fashion Pulis”, is under investigation for libel. Lim was arrested in Makati after a lawsuit filed by Deniece Cornejo alleging that he defamed her and made false accusations about her. The lawsuit alleges that Lim leaked the model’s medical report. It’s unclear if the blogger will fight the charge, but the public has the right to know.

Since the new Philippine Cybercrime Law takes effect on October 3, 2012, the blog Fashion PULIS will be under more scrutiny. Under the new law, fashion blogs must abide by rules and guidelines. For example, they cannot post people’s names as BI (publicly available information). They may only post their first or last name, or a combination of these two. They also must not post stories that will lead readers to one particular person.

He writes about celebrities, fashion, food, politics, showbiz, travel, and events

Michael Sy Lim is a Filipino blogger and internet entrepreneur. He is famous in the Philippines where he has millions of followers. He also writes about celebrities’ personal lives and secret gossip. Many people find his blogs interesting, while others decry his hateful and offensive posts. It’s difficult to know what to make of Fashion Pulis’ popularity. However, one thing is for sure: this blogger knows his stuff!

The site is similar to Perez Hilton’s. In August, Deniece Cornejo filed a lawsuit against Fashion Pulis for libel after posting a medical report about a controversial model with a std. The blogger was released on bail after posting a P10,000 bond. The accusations against her blog are purely baseless.

He was arrested on libel charges

Blogger Michael Sy Lim, the owner of the gossip website Fashion Pulis, was arrested on libel charges over a previous post. The post claimed that Deniece Cornejo might have a sexually transmitted disease based on a leaked Healthway report. The report was in connection with Deniece’s allegations of rape. A libel lawsuit has been filed by Deniece’s camp.

The news broke on Thursday after Cornejo went to the CIDG headquarters in Camp Crame to be interviewed. The arrest was part of a CIDG Quality Assurance Support to Victims program. The libel case stems from a post on Lim’s blog that contained a medical report on Cornejo. The doctor had ruled that the actress could have sexually transmitted disease. Healthway is now facing a civil lawsuit over the post, and attorneys are examining whether to press charges against them.

As for the content of the post, the blogger has defended his position, saying it was not a malicious attempt to harm Liz Uy’s reputation and that he’s fighting for her rights as a blogger. He added that he will countercharge Uy’s charges because he has the right to free speech. If convicted, he will face a trial in the courts.

The blogger’s case against the website is not based on the content of his posts but on the manner in which it was written. The author, Michael Sy Lim, had a private interest in celebrities, showbiz, and politics. While he has been blogging since February 2011, he has garnered millions of views on his posts. A case filed against him on libel charges could further damage his reputation.