Barrhead Travel – A Great Place to Work

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If you’re looking to join the UK’s largest independent travel group, Barrhead Travel might be an excellent choice. This company is financially strong, provides professional training, and has earned the title of “Best Company to Work For” in the past. If you’d like to learn more, keep reading. We’ve reviewed the company, its financial health, and the benefits of working for Barrhead Travel.

Whether you’re planning a European or world holiday, this company can help you make your dream vacation a reality. Located mostly in Midwestern and west-coast states, has over 85 stores nationwide. While they’re not as big as some of the other online retailers, you can still find something that you like.

Barrhead Travel is the UK’s leading independent travel group

Founded in 1975, Barrhead Travel has expanded into a multi-faceted, multi-country travel group. The company charters its own flights, offers bespoke holidays to destinations worldwide, employs specialist travel consultants and promotes youth employment through an apprenticeship scheme.

The company has won countless awards since it started and is now one of the UK’s leading travel groups. Find out why Barrhead is a great place to work. Superstore Coupons Looking for ways to save money while shopping at K&G Fashion Superstore? Use Giving Assistant and Moovit to find alternative routes to the store.

The Barrhead Travel name is synonymous with high-quality service, a strong parent company and a reputation for reliability. Their exemplary record of customer service makes them the best choice for UK holidaymakers. Barrhead was recently acquired by Travel Leaders Group, the largest retail travel group in the world. The company represents over 52,000 travel agents and has 6,000 locations. However, unlike some of its competitors, Barrhead offers zero commission on foreign currency purchases.

It is a financially-strong company

Barrhead Travel is one of the UK’s most financially strong travel companies. This enables the company to offer customers peace of mind with each purchase. The company’s financial strength means that customers can enjoy holiday package deals that are safe from unforeseen circumstances. In fact, Barrhead claims that it is the only UK travel company to offer such peace of mind. For more information, visit or call 0845 246 8986.

Mr Munro stepped down from active management of Barrhead Travel several years before the sale. The move followed a medical scare and a share transfer. When the deal was arranged, Mr Munro had no interest in selling the company to TLG, but agreed to play a part-time role. His new role will include taking forward two new areas of business, including a partnership with insurance giant Aviva.

Barrhead Travel is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Travel Leaders Group and plans to open 100 Barrhead branded stores across the UK. The company plans to re-hire former Thomas Cook staff. It currently operates 76 stores in Scotland, including locations in Newcastle and Cumbria. Other locations include Leicester, Southampton, Belfast, and Newcastle. Travel Leaders describes this plan as a vote of confidence in the UK travel industry.

The PS3.5 million support package is welcomed by Barrhead travel agency chiefs. The package is aimed at helping Scotland’s outbound travel industry recover from the negative impact of the coronavirus pandemic, which hit the sector badly. This will also help the industry attract back skilled travel professionals. Barrhead travel has been lobbying the Scottish government for months to secure the support it needs to survive. The new funding will allow Barrhead Travel to expand and continue to grow.

It offers professional training

A new online training portal from Barrhead Travels offers travel professionals access to over 150 courses on sales, customer service, and CRM. The new training portal will be designed to complement the company’s training academy as well as third party training programmes. The portal will also provide reporting information to help the company track staff performance and develop new staff members. For more information, visit the Barrhead Travels website. The company is looking for new staff to help expand its customer base and grow its business.

Barrhead Travels is the latest travels company to step into the void left by the collapse of Thomas Cook. The company filed for insolvency last month, leaving stranded hundreds of thousands of travelers abroad. The bankruptcy triggered the largest repatriation effort since World War II. Barrhead has already acquired all former Thomas Cook storefronts across the UK and recruited 400 former staff members. It plans to reopen these locations in the future under the new livery.

The demand for travel has grown by 20% a month on average since January.s In addition to generous discounts on holidays, Barrhead offers discounted high street retail. It also offers excellent training and uncapped earning potential. In addition to its career opportunities, Barrhead supports the Kickstart and Modern Apprenticeship schemes and offers various career paths to suit every skill level. There are over 80 branches across the UK with a wealth of opportunities for those interested in a career in the travel industry.

As a part of the Barrhead Travel Group, you’ll receive a high level of support from an experienced management team. A dedicated team will assist you in every aspect of your career. From choosing a destination to finding the perfect holiday, Barrhead is here to help. Barrhead’s travel agents will also receive professional training from our team. You can learn more about our travel agents training programs by reading our Barrhead travel reviews.