Travel Jobs in Dubai

Travel Jobs in Dubai

Travel Jobs The benefits of working for flydubai are numerous. In addition to competitive salaries and an opportunity for career advancement, the company offers housing allowance, comprehensive medical insurance, annual education allowance, unlimited discounted flydubai tickets, and discounts on local products. It even runs social clubs where employees can meet new people and get to know other staff. For those who live abroad, working for flydubai also offers an excellent lifestyle in Dubai. However, there are some drawbacks.

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Travel Jobs description

You’ll be happy to know that flydubai accepts applications for travel jobs if you’re seeking for one in Dubai. This international airline is looking for people who like travelling and learning about other cultures since they hire people from all over the globe. There are several chances available, and a selection of elements on an assessment day will help determine if you are the greatest candidate.

By completing an application form on the airline’s official careers website, potential candidates may apply for a cabin crew employment with flydubai. Candidates should make sure to follow the steps in order since this is the same procedure they would use to apply for any other employment with the airline. Once you’ve submitted your application, you should receive a response within three days. The selection process for cabin crew positions was suspended in early 2018.

The benefits of working with flydubai include a competitive tax-free salary, the opportunity to advance your career, and a number of extras. Your monthly income covers all of them, including complete health insurance and a housing allowance. A yearly school stipend and an endless supply of cheap flydubai tickets are also included. The firm also has a social club where you may participate in events and meet new people.

Layoffs at flydubai affected its employees’ pay in April. The worldwide coronavirus epidemic, which has all but stopped international travel, has affected the airline as well as many others. Flydubai has halted all scheduled flights for the time being, but it is a tough decision for the airline. The company consulted with its employees and sought a solution for the situation. Widespread opposition to this choice has resulted in a sharp decline in the airline’s share price.

Travel Jobs Salary

Salaries at FlyDubai are competitive and tax-free. Benefits include an annual education allowance and comprehensive medical insurance. Employees are also entitled to unlimited discounted flydubai tickets. The company encourages career progression and provides a range of other benefits, including housing allowances and discounted local products. FlyDubai employees have the option to join social clubs and get paid for their extracurricular activities. A tax-free salary and flexible working hours are some of the perks of working for the company.

After a three-month pay cut, FlyDubai has agreed to extend this to indefinitely, pending further negotiations with the staff on their future employment. This reduction is one of the many consequences of a slump in the aviation industry. Other major airlines such as Emirates have already cut salaries by 25-50% for staff, and flydubai is not the first. However, it is not a perfect solution.

Upon joining FlyDubai, employees are contractually bound to the company and pay a US$ 24,000 training bond. They are based in Dubai and enjoy benefits including free private health insurance, subsidised dental care, life insurance, and loss of license cover up to AED 750,000. Additionally, employees receive a generous amount of annual leave, with up to 42 calendar days off. The company also reimburses staff travel expenses to and from their destinations.

Salaries for staff travel to FlyDubai are competitive and are based on an anonymous survey of 61 employees. The company also provides employees with their salary documents so they can compare salaries before joining the company. The salary is INR 17 lakhs, which is slightly less than the national average. For those who enjoy flying, this airline may be the perfect option for you. But beware of fake employment offers – many of them look like genuine offers and ask for bank account details.

Boarding deadlines

After a pandemic downturn, state-owned budget airline FlyDubai has welcomed back a third of its 1,300-strong workforce. As the company has worked to rebuild itself, it has offered staff the option of redundancy or unpaid leave. Ninety-seven percent of staff chose unpaid leave. The airline has also announced a new five-times-weekly service to Mumbai.

In addition to the major Middle Eastern cities like Cairo and Dubai, FlyDubai also has routes to Eastern Europe, Russia, and eastern Africa. This makes the airline an ideal choice for those exploring more than just Dubai. Boarding deadlines for staff travel to FlyDubai can be as short as 15 minutes. Some routes are operated three times a week, and others are daily. The company says that by the end of 2009, it will have 16 destinations.

Unpaid leave

Following recent news of layoffs and unpaid leave, low-cost airline FlyDubai is getting ready to welcome back 1,000 of its staff members. Executives cited the necessity to save money as the cause for the layoffs as the corporation works to recover from a pandemic. A 97 percent “yes” vote resulted from the impacted employees choosing unpaid leave over redeployment.

In addition to their unpaid leave, staff of flydubai are eligible to take unlimited discounted tickets and flights with partner airlines. Other benefits include discounts on local products and services, membership in social clubs, and ongoing training courses. Additionally, flydubai employees enjoy twenty-one days of annual leave plus eight days for public holidays. In addition, end-of-service gratuity is calculated in accordance with UAE labour law and is equivalent to one-third of their annual salary.

FlyDubai also offers free confirmed economy-class airfare to staff. Employees of the company are also eligible to take up to 21 days of unpaid leave if they are traveling to FlyDubai for business or leisure. They can also avail of free hotel accommodation in Dubai during their travels. As a result, these employees can enjoy a better quality of life. They can enjoy a comfortable, stress-free work environment with excellent benefits.

Travel Jobs Redundancy

The state-owned budget airline FlyDubai has announced plans to welcome back more than 1,000 workers after a pandemic in the region forced it to cut its flights and make a lot of cuts. The company had offered staff the option of going on unpaid leave or redundancy, and 97% chose the former. The airline expects a boost in travel in the region once the airline restores its full network in September 2020.

The airline was one of the biggest MAX customers, and cut 65 of its aircraft by agreement with the manufacturer. The company then invited those on unpaid leave to return and re-join when the redundancy period started in June. FlyDubai said it was offering a redundancy scheme and offered to pay staff a lump sum, but it did not explain why so many people were losing their jobs.

The airline’s move to fire thousands of employees shocked workers all across the globe. The airline lost thousands of employees during the epidemic, and it is now rehiring these workers via its alumni programme. Although the airline has a big pool of rehires, neither ground agents nor cabin crew are currently on the list of available positions. The airline hasn’t yet disclosed its intentions for rehiring its ground employees and cabin crew, but it will most likely happen in the next weeks.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to take its toll on economies, airlines across the world are cutting staff to reduce costs and increase profits. The fall in international air travel in 2020-21 will hit airlines such as Emirates and dnata hard. As a result, the airlines are making significant cuts across the board, with the airline’s workforce reducing by 31 percent to 75145 employees. The airline’s workforce consists of 160 nationalities.