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Specs Family Partners Ltd has a great reputation and is a leading firm. They understand the retail industry and have a vast network that can help you expand your business. The team at Specs is a good fit for any business owner. Whether you have a small business or an enterprise, you will benefit from the expertise and experience of a team of experts who will work with you to find the best business solutions to meet your needs.


Specs Family Partners Ltd. was founded in 1988 and focuses on the sale of liquor, wine, and finer goods. Their stores are colorful, have safe and secure environments, and provide knowledgeable assistance to business owners. The company’s mission is to help entrepreneurs establish successful businesses. To succeed, a strong brand is crucial to the success of a business. To become successful, businesses need to build trust with customers.

Specs Family Partners, Ltd., is a company that is located in Dallas, Texas. The company employs one person, but it is part of a family of over 120 companies. The firm has a Business Information Report Snapshot that allows users to assess the financial condition of its customers and suppliers. For more information, check out its website or contact SFP Ltd. at 5959 Royal Ln Suite 635.

Spec’s started as a neighborhood liquor store, expanding its locations after several profitable years. By 2002, it had 16 locations in Greater Houston. Lindy Rydman, who had been married to John Rydman, acquired the company and expanded it. After a couple of years, Lindy added delicatessen items. During her tenure, the company has expanded into more than 20 locations. At present, Spec’s has ten locations throughout Texas.

The lawsuit asserted that the TABC violated the Code and denied Specs’s due process rights. It also claimed that Judith Dennison and other TABC employees hid documents from the court and used Anderson’s testimony to force a settlement. Spec’s has appealed the decision. The case will go to court in November. There is a likelihood that the TABC will find in favour of Spec’s.

Specs Location

Spec’s Family Partners, Ltd. is a company based in Dallas, Texas, that is part of a corporate family with over 120 firms. The business specializes in selling alcohol, wine, and finer goods. The stores are known for their colorful ambiance, and offer a safe working environment for employees. The company offers training and business consulting to business owners. Their headquarters are located at 5959 Royal Ln Suite 635 in Dallas, Texas.

This decision is important because it demonstrates that the Fifth Circuit is aware of the duty to defend. For example, the court ruled that First Data is entitled to defend itself against a Demand Letter, and this duty is not waived by Exclusion N. However, this doesn’t mean that First Data is immune from having its business destroyed. The company must pay Tennessee Litigation fees in such cases. It is important to remember that in addition to legal fees, it may have to pay attorney’s fees.

Two data breaches occurred at Spec’s payment system. First Data sent demand letters to the company demanding that it pay liability assessments. In March 2015, First Data issued a second demand letter to Spec’s for $1.9 million, claiming that it was not PCIDSS compliant and did not properly protect its customers’ credit card information. The company is still trying to get back on its feet, but that will take time.


Specs Family Partners is a Houston-based company that offers many different services. Its specialty retail locations are filled with diverse products, including fine liquor, wine, and more. The company has over 120 different business locations. All of these businesses accept major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. In order to offer services to their customers, Spec’s Family Partners, Ltd. entered into a Merchant Agreement with First Data Merchant Services, LLC.

The company’s annual revenue is between $10 million and $50 million, and it employs over 88 people. They fall under the NAICS code 445310, and they operate in the Retail industry. The Company’s management team includes a director with expertise in Mandi Fought’s field. The company also has a Director of Technology. Its employees must be at least 21 years old to be eligible for employment with the company.

The Business Information Report Snapshot, produced by IBISWorld, is an excellent tool for assessing a company’s financial health. It gives a detailed assessment of the firm’s customers and suppliers, and helps companies evaluate how well they’re doing in their industry. This report also provides an overview of Spec’s Family Partners, Ltd.’s financial situation. Its BIR Snapshot can be used to compare the firm’s performance to other similar companies.

The staff at Specs Family Partners Ltd will make sure that you connect with the right people to get the best deals for your business. They can also help you develop a solid brand image. This can be critical to the growth of a business. By developing a brand, a company can attract the attention of its target audience. They have the expertise and experience to make your business a success. So, if you’re ready to hire a marketing team, look no further than Specs Family Partners Ltd.

Business model

Specs Family Partners Ltd is a partnership company that offers business opportunities to ambitious individuals. This company aims to provide business owners with the knowledge and the necessary support for their business ventures. They provide trainings and support to help them develop their businesses and move it to the next level. They also provide a safe and colorful working environment for their staff. This company has grown into a global organization that employs people from all walks of life.

The business is located in Dallas, Texas, and employs one person. It is a part of Spec’s corporate family of 120 companies. It offers a Business Information Report Snapshot to assess the financial condition of its clients and suppliers. This company sells wine, beer, and liquor. Its headquarters are located in Dallas. You can find more information about it by visiting its website. The address is 5959 Royal Lane in Dallas.

A business is not a business without a plan. A business plan helps you define your goals and create a vision for the future. Once you’ve set your goals and established a vision for your business, you can start developing a strategy to get there. Before you launch your company, it’s essential to develop a brand that customers can trust. It also helps to have an idea of who you want to target.

Building a strong firm requires creating a brand that will stand out. A strong brand has a clear message and purpose and connects with its target audience. This is why investing in a brand is so crucial for your business’s growth. Your branding partners can help you define your brand and make it memorable. With the right strategy, your brand can become a worldwide success. The best way to do this is to hire a branding partner.


Spec’s Family Partners Ltd., a Houston-area retail chain, is facing a lawsuit in federal court for alleged violations of PCI data security standards. According to the lawsuit, Spec’s was the victim of hackers who compromised their credit card network. In response, FirstData Merchant Services, which Spec’s uses for transaction services, demanded Spec’s indemnification and withheld $4.2 million from the family-owned business. The company has not yet responded to the lawsuit.

Although the lawsuit has yet to be decided upon, it is clear that the TABC was at fault in this incident. The company allegedly violated the law by failing to notify customers of a breach in security. Spec’s Family Partners is appealing the decision. This decision is considered a significant step toward protecting consumers from similar incidents. In addition, Spec’s is now facing a lawsuit for violating state and federal privacy laws.

Spec’s Family Partners, LTD is a Texas-based liquor store chain with more than 120 locations. It employs 1 person in each location. It is the largest liquor vendor in the Greater Houston area. SFPL The company’s corporate family includes over 120 other companies engaged in manufacturing activities and in the liquor industry. It is difficult to predict exactly how many employees Spec’s will employ in the coming months, but the company’s website makes it appear that the number is higher than 120.

While the lawsuit against Spec’s is currently under seal, the TABC filed a memorandum opinion with the Texas State Office of Administrative Hearings (SOAH) on April 5, 2015. As the TABC has already concluded that the plaintiff’s claims are valid, the court’s ruling may still stand. The TABC is still monitoring the case and will issue further rulings based on the facts presented.