Cloud of Darkness 6 Star Guide

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The Cloud of Darkness 6 Star is an optional boss in the game, and you can only unlock it after you have completed all star-related events. This guide will explain how to defeat the boss, how to prepare for it, and what to do once you’ve defeated it. You’ll also learn how to upgrade your weapon and armor, and how to get the best stats. After you’ve finished reading this guide, you should be able to take on this boss on your own.

Cloud of Darkness Battle theme

The battle theme in Final Fantasy XIII is the basis of the game’s music. Featuring aggressive electric guitars and a full orchestra, the theme focuses on comment on the advantages and disadvantages of machine translation Lightning, the game’s main character. While many Final Fantasy songs are technically impressive, this one is genuinely catchy. It’s a good choice for a battle theme. The game’s battle theme can also be played during the Chocobo Racing Fantasia stage.

The battle themes are also used to set the mood for the game’s boss fights. There is a normal boss battle theme, which is heard during the Boss Bonanza, and a more difficult boss battle theme. The battle themes for these bosses often overlap with the ones used during the game’s main story. While the villain battle themes are lighter and more upbeat, the ones used for the more difficult bosses are more serious and dramatic.

The battle themes in Final Fantasy VI are among the darkest in the series, and they are intended to represent the oppressive nature of the world. As a result, they have a frantic feel to them and are quite different from the rest of the soundtrack. The frantic aspect of the battle themes for Final Fantasy VI foreshadow the game’s eccentric protagonist, Kefka. The frantic beats and pounding guitars also add a contrasting touch.

Cloud of Darkness Attacks

Attacks of cloud of darkness is a boss in the Final Fantasy series. This boss is huge and amorphous, with three giant eyes, and is found deep in the center of the world. Its first attack is four spikes that come out of the ground. It will attack with these spikes for a short period of time before ending. If you have enough HP, you can take it out easily.

Cloud’s greatest asset is his effective range, as he has some of the longest reaches in the game. This allows him to punish errant or careless attacks. His aerials are excellent for covering his hurtbox, but his hitbox is late. Cloud also is easy to combo, so space your attacks well to avoid being pressed. If you do manage to land an aerial attack, you can use it to punish your opponent.

Cloud of Darkness uses three attacks and has 260000 HP. It sometimes summons an Aero-Saucer to shoot torpedoes at you. There are three phases to this boss, and the third phase has stronger attacks than the first two. However, you cannot use your job abilities or items during this phase. This boss is a tough fight, and you should be well-prepared. Just remember that you must keep your health and HP at a minimum to be successful.


The stats for Cloud of Darkness are as follows: It is a scorpion-like monster with a spine and two tiers of spikes up his back. It can also shoot lasers at its victims. It also moves around the arena. Cloud of Darkness is a very powerful boss that has a high damage output. It is one of the most difficult bosses in the game. You must know how to best deal with it in order to win.

The Cloud of Darkness has 260000 HP and uses only three attacks. Sometimes, it will summon an Aero-Saucer, which can shoot torpedoes at the player. It can be fought in three phases. The second phase has stronger attacks, while the third phase is harder. In the third phase, the player can’t use any items or job abilities. This means that you need to be very alert.

The Cloud of Darkness can be considered a powerful bad girl in the Final Fantasy series. She deals dark damage and has access to green and black magic. Cloud’s most potent feature is her range. She has some of the longest range of any character in the game. Her attacks are also quite fast, so she is very effective at punishing careless attacks. In addition, she has good aerial attack range, so she can cover her hurtbox effectively. This makes her a great choice for spacing and air-to-ground transitions.


The Cloud of Darkness is a big boss that appears in the Final Fantasy game series. This monster appears as a giant amorphous entity with three large eyes. It is located deep inside the world’s core. The first part of the fight begins with four spikes that shoot out of the ground. The enemy will attack the player with these spikes for a long time before he is defeated.

There are many ways to improve character weapons. The most important thing is to unlock the Extensions of skills to improve your character’s abilities. There are many weapons available to characters, but you can only equip one of them at a time. Limit breaking weapons, however, allow you to equip multiple weapons. They have a high chance of being dropped. To use this method, you must have a leveled crystal and all weapons have all their passives.

Torpedos are another type of weapon. These weapons fire a beam of energy and can tear apart starships. They are used by Borg forces. They are similar to the axes in the film, but are a different type of weapon. The difference is that torpedos can be used as a last resort, unlike hammers. The weapons will not damage living creatures, however, they can cause significant damage.


The Cloud of Darkness is an optional boss that can only be encountered after completing all star-related events. This guide will cover everything you need to know about fighting this boss, preparing for it, and what to do after you beat it. To prepare for this battle, you need to have an idea of what your skills will be and how to best use them. Below are some tips to help you prepare. You will also learn how to use your Skills of Darkness to maximize your chances of beating this boss.

The Cloud of Darkness has many unique skills. Her EX ability, Anti-air Particle Beam, will cause a delay of 1 turn, and it is recharged after 2 uses. Another skill, Break Reset Burst, unbreaks enemies. And the BT attack Ultra Particle Beam will grant you the CoD linked-attack after a fellow character uses it. You can also use this ability to stun enemies.

The Cloud of Darkness has a large amount of HP. While this means that you can’t use your shield for many rounds, you can equip your Silf Stone and Mordin’s Ring before you fight him. These items will grant you increased attack power, but will only grant you one life. This is a big advantage for the Cloud of Darkness, as it’s incredibly dangerous! And if you don’t have those items, you can always use a Tormented Soul instead.