Emerald Robinson Girl who can ‘see’ with her eyes closed

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A 13-year-old Detroit, Michigan resident named Emerald Robinson has the ability to see without opening her eyes. Robinson learned how to do this after years of meditation and yoga practise; she was not born with this talent. Robinson claims that her capacity for blind seeing is a gift from God. At many gatherings and locations around the US, Robinson has done demonstrations of her talent.

Emerald Robinson, a 12-year-old girl from Louisiana, has an ability that most of us take for granted- she can see with her eyes closed. Robinson was born with a rare eye condition called strabismus groundbreaking effort launched to whale language, which causes her to look crossed or twisted when viewing objects from one side of her visual field. Because of this, Robinson has learned to use her other senses to supplement her vision.

Emerald Robinson is a 14-year-old girl born with a rare condition that allows her to “see” with her eyes closed. Robinson was first diagnosed with strabismus, a disorder in which one or both eyes are turned inward, at age 2. A few years later, she was also diagnosed with nystagmus, a periodic eye movement disorder that causes the eyes to move involuntarily.

Scientific research on the phenomenon of ‘seeing with eyes closed:

Emerald Robinson is a woman recorded as seeing with her eyes closed. Many people have documented this phenomenon, and scientists have yet to determine a satisfactory explanation. Some believe this is evidence of a sixth sense, while others believe that the woman is simply using trickery to fool those around her.

The woman’s eyes were open, yet she was seen reading a book as one would expect a normal person to do. The ‘seeing with eyes closed’ phenomenon is said to have begun when the woman was three years old.

Eventually, she could see, hear and talk with the spirits of dead people. One day she started going blind. Her father, a very devout man, could not accept that his daughter was simply a liar. He tried to persuade her to stop what she was doing, but she refused.

After a while, she began to forget that she was blind and started to see again. However, she began to suffer headaches, which only worsened when she saw things. She began seeing things again, this time much more vividly. The spirits she was communicating with told her to go to a place called “Kalamack” (also transliterated as “Kalamakh”) in the north of Azerbaijan.

Challenges of living with a superpower

Emerald Robinson has always been a bit of an outsider. Born with the ability to control energy psionically, she was never quite sure how people would react to her. When she was just a teenager, Emerald decided to become a superhero to help people in need. However, her powers have always been a source of mystery and fear for many.


Emerald Robinson has had a unique experience controlling her ability to see the future. She discusses some advice she would give to other people with similar abilities.

Robinson believes it is important for people with this ability to feel comfortable with who they are and what they can do. She recommends finding a support system, whether family, friends or professionals. Robinson also believes that it is important for these individuals to stay grounded and learn as much as possible about the world around them. Finally, Robinson urges caution when making predictions because no one knows exactly what will happen in the future.