Blade CEO’s Jet Used in Fake ID Scheme

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Curtis Crabtree, the Blade CEO’s, Inc., was recently caught up in a fake ID scheme. Crabtree reportedly used his jet to fly people to meet with potential buyers of fake IDs. The scheme allegedly netted Crabtree and his associates over $200,000. In a statement, Crabtree said he was “extremely embarrassed and ashamed.

What is a blade CEO’s jet used for?

A recent article published in the Wall Street Journal revealed that most CEOs and senior executives who fly on private jets use them for leisure, not business. Of the 1,500 CEOs surveyed by private jet provider JetSmarter, 78% said they use their planes only for pleasure flights and not work. According to JetSmarter’s CEO Evan Newmark, “private aviation has become a symbol of status and privilege.”

While it is understandable that these high-powered individuals would want to use their jets exclusively for leisure purposes, this trend raises questions about the legitimacy of these flights. CEOs and senior executives frequently use private jet companies like JetSmarter to fly around the country at taxpayer expense. These jets often serve more as luxury vehicles than tools for conducting business.

How Blade CEO’s Jet was Used in Fake ID Scheme

The CEO of Blade, a charter jet company, was recently accused of using one of the company’s planes to help perpetrate a fake ID scheme. The scheme involved students from several universities across the country fabricating IDs to get into bars and other establishments restricted to people over the age of 21. According to reports, the CEO used one of Blade’s planes to fly some of the students to different cities so that they could carry out their plan. The CEO has since been charged with conspiracy to commit fraud and is currently free on a $100,000 bond.

The Blade CEO’s Jet and the Impact on Business

Business is always changing, and so is how CEOs travel. For a long time, CEOs used chartered jets to get around. But recently, there has been a rise in the use of Uber and other ride-sharing services. This has had an impact on the cost of charter flights, as well as the overall demand for them.

As a result, some CEOs have started flying commercially instead of using private planes. This has led to a decrease in the value of their jets and an increase in the cost of charter flights. However, this change might not be permanent. Companies may revert to using their jets if they find Uber or similar services are more expensive or inconvenient than traditional transportation methods.

Issues with using the jet:

Though jet travel is luxurious and convenient, some issues should be considered before deciding to use jets as your sole form of transportation. One major issue is the use of fake airline certificates. Recently, JetBlue was caught using fake airline certificates to gain an advantage in the air travel market. This has caused many people to question the legitimacy of other airlines, leading some to choose not to fly altogether. 

Another issue with jets is their reliance on oil. For a jet to fly, it needs fuel to operate. This fuel comes from oil reserves, which means that jets are a major contributor to global warming. When planes are flying, they produce a large amount of air pollution that can harm humans and animals. Additionally, planes use a lot of water during takeoff and landing, creating environmental problems if not properly managed.

Implications for Businesses

The recent news of a blade Uber charter company with fake certificates implicates the entire aviation industry. The implications for businesses are vast and require a response from all involved. 

First, customers need to be confident in the quality of services they are receiving. This is especially true in an industry where customer trust is essential. Second, the aviation industry must ensure that its certification processes are effective and accurate.

Third, businesses and regulators will need to work together to prevent incidents like this from happening in the future. Fourth, businesses must re-evaluate their safety protocols and ensure they are updated. Fifth, all companies involved in the aviation industry must adhere to regulations and standards so that consumers can also have confidence in their safety. Sixth, this incident has highlighted the importance of data security and privacy in today’s world.


When investigating the use of fake blades on chartered jets, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) turned to data from an online blade inspection service. The investigation results provide insight into how often fake blades are used and where they are used.


In conclusion, it was found that the Blade uber chartered jets had fake certificates. The results of this investigation could lead to a safer travel experience for all