Guide on Purchasing Shower Standing Handles

Shower Standing Handles

What do standing shower standing handles do?

Following are some suggestions to consider while purchasing a Shower Standing Handles:

First, take into account the kind of shower you have. While some handles are made to fit typical showers with curved shower heads, others are made to fit shower heads that are angled or straight.

Next, think about the size of your hand. While some handles are more on the broad side, others are narrower.

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Who should purchase shower knobs with stands?

Before completing your purchase of shower standing handles, there are a few things you should think about. Who will be utilizing the handles first? Make sure the handles are height-adjustable if you are purchasing them for a youngster or an older person so they may be used securely and pleasantly.

What is your budget, secondly? Shower standing handles may cost anywhere from $20 to $200, based on the features and materials used. Decide how much you’re willing to pay before beginning your search.

What kind of handle do you want in the end? Options range from conventional curving handles to contemporary looping shapes. Select a look that best reflects your preferences and requirements.

What advantages do shower standing handles offer?

Although taking a shower is a need, it might be challenging for older people or those with mobility problems. Installing shower standing handles may provide individuals who need it safety and freedom.

People with mobility impairments may hold onto shower standing handles while taking a shower, which gives them stability and confidence. In addition, the handles may be used as a hook for a shampoo bottle or loofah, freeing up your hands for lathering up.

You should keep a few things in mind if you consider putting shower standing handles in your house. To begin with, be sure the screws or anchors you use can sustain your weight. Second, place the handles where they are simple to reach.

How do you choose the ideal shower standing handle?

It would be best if you made a few considerations while selecting the ideal shower standing handle for your residence. The weight of the person utilizing it is the most crucial element. Make sure the handle can sustain the user’s weight without problems.

It would be best to consider how often the handle will be utilized. A less expensive model should be enough if it is only seldom used. However, if used often, you should spend more money on a model that can survive constant usage.

Finally, consider your own choices. For instance, would you want an oval-shaped handle or a circular one? Do you want anything with a massage function or other added features?

Height and Types of Showerheads

You may be unsure about the best showerhead to purchase when it’s time to replace your shower. You should think about the showerhead’s height, shape, and kind of spray, among other factors.

A rain showerhead is an excellent choice if you want a more opulent experience. With the help of these ceiling-mounted shower heads, you may enjoy a soothing rainfall impression. A handheld showerhead is a nice option if you want something more conventional. This kind features choices like massage and pulsing sprays and can be shifted around to suit your preferences.

Lastly, think about the showerhead’s height. Pick a device with an adjustable height if you’re short or have problems reaching up high.

Compared to overhead showerheads, handheld showerheads

Two basic showerheads may be found in showers: handheld and overhead. Where the water is sprayed is the primary distinction between the two kinds of showerheads. When using a handheld showerhead, water sprays from a tiny nozzle held in your hand. When using an overhead showerhead, water is blasted from a sizable nozzle that is fastened to the wall or ceiling of the shower.

Both kinds have benefits and downsides. Showerheads should be taken into account. Because they make moving about the shower easier, handheld showerheads may be more practical. They may be used to sit down or stand up, making them useful for persons with mobility concerns. However, if you have long hair, using a handheld showerhead may sometimes be challenging since the water tends to become tangled in your hair.

Heads for overhead showers

Consider an overhead showerhead if you’re seeking a showerhead that will make you feel sumptuous and refreshed. These ceiling-mounted showerheads provide a far more thrilling experience than standard showerheads. As they don’t occupy any wall or floor space, they might also be useful if your bathroom is small.

The height of your ceilings should be considered when choosing an overhead showerhead. As a result, you should ensure the showerhead is low enough to fit beneath your head comfortably. Choose an overhead showerhead that best suits your requirements since they have a variety of spray settings.

Consider putting a showerhead above your house if you seek a novel and revitalizing showering experience.

How Do I Choose Shower Handles That Stand Up?

There are a few considerations you should make while selecting shower standing handles:

The user’s weight who will be utilizing them. You don’t want them to be so light that they can be easily taken out of the holder or too heavy for the person using them.

The individual’s height. Please ensure they are tall enough for the handle to reach them without bending or stretching comfortably.

Please make sure they are at ease with the way they feel in their hands.

Removable shower handle

Avoiding the need for a ladder or stool while bathing is made possible by installing a retractable shower handle. Installing the handle on the shower side that is easiest for you to reach is an option. People with disabilities who need help getting in and out of the shower might also benefit greatly from this handle. With only a few tools, the installation procedure may be finished quickly.

What is the size shower rod best?

When it comes to shower bars, there are a few various sizes to pick from. Which is the best option for you, then?

The typical bar is 8 inches long and 1.25 inches broad. For most individuals, this size is ideal since it gives them plenty of room to grab onto while taking a shower.

A little shower bar can be something to think about if your hands are smaller or if you prefer a narrower bar. These bars are just 6 inches long and about.75 inches broad. They’re ideal for those who want a more compact bar or have tiny hands.

The substantial shower bars come last. These bars are 12 inches long and roughly 2 inches broad. They are ideal for those who want a more robust grip to grab onto or have bigger hands.

Height of a shower grab bar

Most individuals mistakenly believe that a shower grab bar’s height is insignificant. It could be difficult to use if the bar is too high or too low. A shower grab bar should be around 34 inches from the ground. Most folks will find it simple to access because of this. However, you may need to change the height if you are shorter or taller than typical.

Verify The Weight Capacity

Before making a purchase, confirming the weight restriction for shower standing handles is crucial. This lesson just came to me the hard way. A shower standing handle I purchased that claimed to support 350 pounds shattered when my husband attempted to use it. Although he was unharmed, things might have been far worse. Verify the weight restriction when purchasing a shower standing handle to prevent a scenario like this.

horizontal or vertical

If you’re thinking about redesigning your bathroom, you may be debating between installing a vertical or horizontal shower. Before choosing, it’s necessary to take into account all of the pros and negatives of each option.

Vertical showers are ideal for tiny bathrooms since they take up less area. The water flowing down the walls and drain is also simpler to clean. They may be more expensive than horizontal showers and trickier to enter and exit.

Because they are more roomy and pleasant, horizontal showers are a popular option for bigger bathrooms. In addition, they often cost less than vertical showers and are simpler to access and depart. However, since water may collect at the bottom of a storm, it can sometimes be more difficult to clean.

Meet ADA requirements

When creating a shower, it’s essential to adhere to ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) guidelines. This is so that persons with disabilities may access the same accommodations and services as everyone else, thanks to the ADA’s standards. A standing handle, for instance, is a crucial component of an ADA-compliant shower. This handle makes it simple for those who use wheelchairs or can’t stand up straight to enter and exit the battery.

Considerations Should Be Given to Certain Factors

The quantity of room you have is one thing to take into account when buying a shower. If you are in a confined space, a battery with a standing handle could be your best choice. A typical shower requires more space than this shower style.

Your budget is another thing to take into account. The price of a standing handle shower will be lower than a regular shower. Additionally, since the installation is less complicated, the cost will be lower.

Finally, think about the installation procedure. One person can quickly install a standing handle shower. Installing a standard shower can take many hours and need hiring a specialist.

Reviews of 8 shower standing handle

A shower standing handle can be something to consider if you’re seeking a reliable and secure thing to grab onto while taking a shower. Unfortunately, several kinds and manufacturers of these handles make it difficult to choose which is ideal for you. The six most common shower standing handles are shown below, with a summary.

The silicone SoapSox Shower Standing Handle is built to accommodate most showers and is constructed from silicone. It comes in various vibrant hues and has a soft grip that makes it easy to grasp. One drawback is that getting the soap out of the little holes on top of the handle might be difficult.

The AquaGlide Shower Standing Handle includes a non-slip grip and is manufactured of sturdy plastic. It fits most common showers and is simple to install.

One 24-inch stainless grab bar for the shower from Moen Home

Any shower would benefit from the addition of the Moen Home 24-Inch Stainless Grab Bar for Shower. When standing in the shower, the bar offers a stable hold that may assist avoid slips and falls. Because it is constructed of stainless steel and won’t rust, the bar is strong and long-lasting. The bar also features a stylish style that blends well with any bathroom decor. It simply takes a few minutes to install, and it’s simple.

Two Gogeta Shower Grab Bars

The Gotega 2 Pack Shower Grab Bar is a functional and advantageous shower accessory. This bar offers a stable hold to stand while you shower and is simple to mount on the wall. The bar is also fantastic for those with restricted mobility since it provides a secure method to enter and exit the shower.

Strong Shower 2 Pack 3 Budding Joy

The 3 Budding Joy 2 Pack Strong Shower is the perfect option if you want a revitalizing shower to help you start your day well. The standing handle on this durable and dependable shower makes it simple to control the water flow to the amount you choose, guaranteeing you always receive the ideal storm. So this shower can accommodate both short rinses and extended, soothing soaks.

4 Moen 30-inch flip-up standing handles for showers

The Moen 30-inch flip-up shower standing handle is a great option if you’re searching for a shower handle that will make getting in and out of the shower simpler. Those with trouble standing up in the shower may use this handle to assist them and give them a more secure stance. When you’re ready to enter or exit the shower, you can effortlessly flip the handle up and then flip it back down, so it’s out of the way.

The Moen 30-inch flip-up shower standing handle comprises plastic and sturdy metal, making installation simple. A limited lifetime guarantee also backs it, so you can be confident it’s made to last.

18-inch stainless steel grab bar, AmazonBasics GBAR-150-18

An 18-inch stainless steel grab bar from Amazon Basics is called the GBAR-150-18. The bar offers a secure and firm hold when standing in the shower. To further aid in minimizing falls and slides, the GBAR-150-18 includes a textured, non-slip coating. The hardware is supplied, and the bar is rust-proof and simple to install.

6 Vive Grab Bars for Showers and Bathtubs

Anyone searching for a secure and safe method to stand while bathing or taking a shower will appreciate Vive’s grab bar for bathtubs and showers. The stainless steel bar has a non-slip grip, making it simple to hold onto. No special equipment is needed, and installation takes a few minutes!

a total of 7 AquaChase 2-Pack 17-inch Suction Shower Grab Bars

Any shower would benefit from the AquaChase 2-Pack 17inch Suction Shower Grab Bar. The bar offers a firm, sturdy hold for people who want aid standing in the rain. Even when wet, the suction cups maintain a firm grip and hold the bar in place. Any conventional shower head may be used with the bar, which is simple to install. It is a fantastic method to make those with restricted mobility feel safer when taking a shower.

8-Inch Moen Screw-in Curved Grab Bar with Integrated Shelf

The Moen 16-Inch Screw-in Curved Grab Bar with Built-in Shelf is the only grab bar you need if you’re searching for one that can handle anything. This bag’s many uses include typical hold bars for help while entering and exiting the shower and shelves for storing essentials. Its curved shape makes it simple to hold, and the built-in frame offers handy storage for toiletries like shampoo and soap. The bar is simple to install and may be fastened to any solid surface using the included screws.

Installing a grab bar in a shower

For those who need help standing in the shower, grab bars in the shower provide a feeling of protection and security. Additionally, with the proper equipment, the installation procedure is straightforward and takes just a few minutes to complete.

Find the location on the wall where you want to put the bar first. Ascertain that it is accessible and that there is adequate room for the bar’s breadth. Once you’ve decided on a location, mark the height and location of the bar using a level.

Drill more holes after creating the pilot ones. each corner of the space was designated by a wall. After that, fasten the grab bar to the wall using the manufacturer’s screwdriver.

Where Should I Put the Grab Bar in the Bathroom?

One of the things you need to ask yourself when installing a bathroom grab bar is where to place it. Before choosing a choice, you need to think about a few factors.

The first thing to decide is whether you’ll stand in the shower or utilize the bar. If you use it in the shower, you should put it beside the shower head so you can readily access it. Put it someplace comfortable to grab onto if you’re going to use it for standing.

The best course of action would be to consider the amount of space you have in your bathroom. If there isn’t much room, you may want to think about mounting a bar on the wall rather than the floor.

Which Shower Bar Size Should I Purchase?

The desire to enter and exit the shower quickly is common. However, for other people, having a shower may be calming. You may consider purchasing a bigger shower bar to enhance your bathing experience.

Your choice of shower bar will depend on the space in your shower and how comfortable you want to be when standing under the water stream. Shower bars come in a variety of sizes. If your showers are large, you may want to think about obtaining a bar that is at least 24 inches wide. While washing your hair or shaving your legs, you will have plenty of space to stretch out.

If your shower isn’t very big, you may want to choose a bar that’s no wider than 18 inches.

Is it secure to mount shower handles on a tiled wall?

Several factors to consider while mounting a shower handle on a tiled wall. The shower user’s weight is the first factor. Someone might fall if the handle pulls away from the wall and is not firmly fastened. The amount of water pressure that the shower head produces is another factor to take into account. The handle may get detached from the wall with too much pressure. The waterproofness of the tiles is a third factor to take into account. They could infiltrate water behind them and harm the wall if they are not watertight.

The uppermost two shower standing handles

Which shower standing handle is ideal for you out of the many options available? According to ratings and consumer satisfaction, these are the top 2 shower standing handles.

Anyone searching for a flexible handle that can be changed to various heights may choose the Moen Adjustable Height Shower Handle. Additionally, its handle has a cozy grip that makes it simple to grasp.

The Delta Faucet In2ition Two-in-One Shower Head is a terrific option if you seek a robust, long-lasting alternative. It is perfect for any shower arrangement since it has a handheld and fixed head.

The Definitive Guide to Purchasing a Genuine Showers Standing Handle

Consider numerous things when deciding whether to install a shower’s standing handle in your house.

It would help if you first chose between a fixed and an adjustable shower standing handle. As opposed to adjustable handles, which may be raised and lowered to suit persons of varying heights, fixed shower standing handles are fixed to the wall and cannot be adjusted.

Next, consider the material used to create the shower’s standing handle. The least expensive shower standing handles are made of plastic, but they could not last as long as those made of brass or metal. Consider the color as well; if it doesn’t fit with the rest of your bathroom’s decor, it won’t look nice.

Decide how much you will spend on a shower standing handle before anything else.

Utilize a shower standing handle to take control of your safety.

A shower standing handle may provide crucial support and safety if you or a loved one has trouble standing in the shower. Shower standing handles provide a spot to grasp while you shower by attaching to the wall. This little adjustment may make all the difference for people who find it difficult to balance or remain upright in the shower.

Standing handles for showers come in a variety of designs. Some variants employ suction cups to cling onto the surface of the showers, while others connect directly to the wall. Regardless of the kind, ensure the grasp is firm and the item is strong.

A standing shower handle may be installed quickly and easily. Most products have simple installation instructions and can be set up quickly. Consult the manufacturer’s website or contact customer support for assistance if you’re unclear on how to install your specific model.

Final Reflections

Do you turn off the water and depart when you’re done using the showers? If so, you’re missing out on the standing handle, one of the greatest aspects of contemporary showers. A handle that keeps you in position while turning off the water is just under the shower head. It’s little, but it might matter when your hands are slick and damp.


A useful feature of any shower is a set of standing handles. They provide people with a feeling of security and stability, which is particularly beneficial for older people with mobility problems. To ensure you make an educated selection when choosing a set of shower standing handles, read the buying advice first.