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open upload south32 suing 100 billion dollars class action lawsuit flikr South32, one of the world’s largest mining companies, recently announced their intention to open an upload and file a class action lawsuit against for 100 billion dollars. This news has been met with a great deal of interest in the legal and business community as it is an unprecedented move. The lawsuit is being filed in response to alleged misconduct on the part of that has led to significant losses for South32.

South32 Suing BHP for $100 Billion in Class Action Lawsuit

South32, a multinational mining company, is suing its former parent company BHP for $100 billion in a class action lawsuit. The lawsuit follows South32’s open upload of information onto last week which details the alleged mismanagement of assets during the two companies’ association.

The court documents released by South32 allege that BHP used its influence over the years to deprive them from their rightful share of profits and assets, resulting in financial losses estimated at $100 billion dollars. This class action suit is being brought on behalf of all current and past shareholders who have suffered financially due to these actions by BHP. If successful, this case could have far-reaching implications for both parties involved as well as for other associated companies in the industry.

South32 Files Huge Lawsuit Against BHP Over Open Upload to Flikr

South32, an Australian mining company, has filed a huge lawsuit against BHP over the open uploads to Flikr. The class action lawsuit accuses BHP of negligence and seeks damages in excess of $100 billion. According to South32’s legal team, the open uploads have caused significant damage to its intellectual property rights, resulting in financial losses for the company. South32 is alleging that BHP failed to take reasonable steps to protect its content from being uploaded onto Flikr without authorization or permission.

The lawsuit further alleges that BHP was aware of the potential risks associated with such open uploads, yet failed to implement adequate measures and safeguards that would have prevented this situation from occurring. Furthermore, South32 claims that BHP neglected to notify them when their content was being shared online without authorization or permission.

BHP Facing Massively Expensive Legal Action from South32

BHP Billiton, the world’s largest mining company, is facing massively expensive legal action from their spin-off company South32. The two companies separated in 2015 and since then have been involved in a dispute over open-cut mining royalties. South32 is now suing BHP for up to US$100 billion (AUD$150 billion) in damages in a class action lawsuit.

The case revolves around the mineral rights that BHP held prior to its split with South32. These rights were not passed on to the new company and so South32 has launched an appeal against BHP for an alleged breach of contract. They are arguing that they should be compensated for loss of income due to unpaid royalties from open-cut mines owned by BHP during their separation and beyond.

South32’s $100 Billion Class Action Lawsuit Against

South32, a global mining company, is suing for $100 billion in damages in what is being dubbed one of the largest class action lawsuits ever. South32 accuses of unfair trade practices and unlawfully restricting access to its open upload system on Flickr, which was allegedly used by South32 to disseminate images and data that are critical to their business operations. South32 alleges that has barred them from taking advantage of the open upload feature on Flickr, resulting in loss of revenue and an inability to compete fairly with other businesses in their sector. 

The lawsuit seeks compensatory damages totaling $100 billion dollars due to the alleged loss sustained by South32 as a result of BHP’s unethical trading practices and illegal restriction on its use of Flickr’s open upload system.

“OpenUpload Facing Billions in Legal Battle with”

OpenUpload has been thrust into a legal battle with, an online media platform, after South32 filed a class action lawsuit against them for copyright infringement. The claim is that OpenUpload has unlawfully profited from the sharing of copyrighted materials sourced from and they are seeking damages of $100 billion dollars.

The case was lodged in the Supreme Court and alleges that OpenUpload has allowed users to share music, videos and other content without permission or payment. It further claims that OpenUpload not only failed to prevent this activity but actively encouraged it by providing tools such as flikr which enabled users to do so quickly and easily. It is also claimed that some of these users were receiving payments in return for their activities on the site, to which would be entitled if it had granted permission for the use of its content.

“Flikr Could be Affected by

Flikr could be affected by a major class action lawsuit between two of the world’s largest mining companies: South32 and The Australian based companies are at odds over a royalty payment dispute valued at more than 100 billion dollars, and the outcome could have implications for open upload sites like Flikr.

South32 claims that BHP has been underpaying royalties on minerals they extract from its mines in Western Australia, while BHP is arguing that any differences in payments were due to interpretation of their contracts rather than intentional underpayment.


opening and uploading South32 suing 100 billion dollars class action lawsuit is a complex process that requires the knowledge of multiple steps. Although it may take some time, it is possible to complete this task with dedication and research. It is important to keep in mind that before taking any legal action, consult with a qualified specialist for advice on how to proceed. The key to success lies in understanding the full details of the lawsuit and being aware of the rights and obligations associated with it.