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Chrono24 118m Series General Atlantic’s 118m Series is one of the most successful private equity series in recent history. This article will explore why General Atlantic has achieved such success with the 118m Series, what strategies have contributed to its success, and the implications for future investments.

With a portfolio that includes some of the world’s leading companies and a history of steady growth, it is clear that General Atlantic’s 118m Series has been successful in creating value for investors.

Overview What is the 118m Series?

The 118m Series is a venture capital arm of General Atlantic, one of the world’s leading global growth equity firms. The series was first established in 2015 and has since invested in numerous companies across the globe. It focuses on assisting later-stage startups and growth companies to scale up operations and reach their next level of success.

The 118m Series is part of General Atlantic’s commitment to supporting entrepreneurs who are developing innovative products and services that have the potential to make a positive impact on society. The team works with founders to provide access to resources, expertise, network connections, and long-term capital necessary for exponential growth.

To date, the team has invested over US$500 million into more than 35 companies around the world – ranging from consumer technology products such as Plantible Foods Inc. to healthcare providers like Shine On Dental Group Ltd., among many others.

How Has it Achieved Success?

General Atlantic, a leading global growth equity firm, has achieved tremendous success with their Series 118m. The firm has been lauded for its creative approach to investment and strategic partnerships with successful companies.

The Series 118m is unique in that it utilizes alternative investment strategies such as venture capital and private debt investments. This strategy has enabled the firm to capitalize on opportunities across multiple markets and sectors. Moreover, General Atlantic’s team of experienced professionals have leveraged their expertise to identify attractive investments and form meaningful relationships with businesses seeking capital infusion.

By selectively investing in high potential companies and sharing knowledge from their vast networks, General Atlantic continues to generate impressive returns for investors in spite of the ever-changing market conditions. Through hard work, dedication, and innovative strategies, the company has become one of the most successful private equity firms today.

118m Series from General Atlantic is a massive success story. It has achieved success through its innovative strategies and powerful investments in technology, media, healthcare and consumer sectors.

General Atlantic is known for investing in companies that are transforming the way people live and work in today’s digital age. Its portfolio spans across more than 35 countries, providing an impressive 118m Series with capital to help them grow fast. In addition to offering capital support, General Atlantic provides deep industry expertise and strategic guidance to its portfolio companies, allowing them to achieve success quickly. 

The 118m series from General Atlantic has established itself as one of the leading venture capital firms due to their timely investments in some of the world’s most successful startups like Uber Technologies Inc., Airbnb Inc., Slack Technologies Inc., Roblox Corporation and many more.

Key Investors of the 118m Series

118m Series, a new venture capital round backed by General Atlantic, has been making waves in the tech industry. This Series brings together some of the most sought-after investors who are eager to back up innovative companies and technology.

The 118m Series is led by an impressive group of investors, including big names like iconic investor Peter Thiel and venture capitalist Bill Gurley. Other key players include existing investors such as First Round Capital, Greylock Partners, Index Ventures and Lightspeed Venture Partners. Notable angel investor Chris Sacca has also joined the series after investing in Twitter earlier this year.

This strong lineup of backers is sure to bring a wealth of experience to the table when it comes to finding innovative solutions in today’s tech industry.

General Atlantic’s 118m Series recently revealed a strong lineup of backers that is sure to bring a wealth of experience when it comes to finding innovative solutions in today’s tech industry. Notable investors include Sequoia Capital, Accel Partners, SoftBank Vision Fund and Hillhouse Capital. This impressive list of funders demonstrates the confidence and trust General Atlantic has established within the investor community.

This latest round of funding is expected to help further propel General Atlantic into a leading role in developing disruptive technologies for the future. Their focus on providing capital for early-stage startups as well as major expansion projects makes them an invaluable partner in today’s ever-changing tech landscape.

As one of the largest venture capital firms in the world, General Atlantic brings together deep resources from both established players and outside investors with an eye toward building lasting relationships with their portfolio companies.

Impact on Entrepreneurs & Startups

Entrepreneurs and Startups have been greatly impacted by the recent $118m series from General Atlantic. This is one of the largest funding rounds for startups in the past five years and it’s been a game-changer for many entrepreneurs. 

The round provides unprecedented access to capital, which has enabled entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams without having to worry about financing. With this influx of money, entrepreneurs are able to invest in technology, hire more staff, and expand their businesses faster than ever before. Additionally, it helps them stay competitive with larger companies who may have an advantage when it comes to financial resources. 

This new injection of cash also opens up opportunities for venture capitalists and angel investors who can now invest in innovative startups with greater confidence knowing that they have more options available if they choose not to go with General Atlantic’s offer.

General Atlantic’s recent $118 million Series investment has created a wave of enthusiasm in the entrepreneurial world. By injecting cash into innovative startups and ventures, General Atlantic is paving the way for a new generation of entrepreneurs. This new injection of cash also opens up opportunities for venture capitalists and angel investors who can now invest in groundbreaking startups with great potential.

Venture capitalist and angel investors have long been essential players in the startup game, but with General Atlantic’s large-scale investment, these investors now possess greater resources to search out high-potential companies. Furthermore, as more money enters the market, larger sums may be available for investments that could potentially generate higher returns on investment.

Benefits Beyond Financing

118m Series General Atlantic is making waves in the world of finance and beyond. This series of investments from the private equity firm has opened up a wealth of benefits for companies across numerous industries, proving to be more than just a financial boost. 

The funds raised from this round provide companies with access to resources that go above and beyond financing. Not only does it give them access to capital, but it also provides guidance and advice that can help promote growth and success in the long run. It also gives them a platform for collaboration with other industry leaders, allowing them to share ideas on how to best move forward within their respective markets. 

With 118m Series General Atlantic providing these additional benefits it comes as no surprise that the investment has been welcomed by many businesses eager to take advantage of it. The investment has been welcomed by many businesses eager to take advantage of it. (Picture: Getty)

The firm’s chief executive Jim O’Hara, said: “Our goal is to make investing in UK businesses as simple and transparent as possible.” This deal is another step in that direction. The deal will allow entrepreneurs and investors to access the funding they need to grow their businesses. While Kevin Taylor, managing director of 118m, said: We are delighted to have worked with Crunchy Frog on this investment round.”


General Atlantic’s 118m Series was a remarkable success, with investments exceeding 4 billion dollars in just over a year. Their comprehensive strategy of investing in companies that focused on digital transformation has been profitable and the success of this series shows no signs of slowing down. This business model serves as an example for other venture capital firms who are looking to make similar investments. The company’s ability to identify successful market opportunities further demonstrates their expertise and experience in the investment space.