What is VK?

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VK Com The news feed-oriented broadcasting tool on VK.com offers users many options. From listening to your favorite music to watching VK Clips (short, vertical videos), you can stay up-to-date with news in thematic feeds. You can even subscribe to podcasts or upload your own. You can also track your health through VK Health, which syncs with Apple’s Health app. There’s a whole new VK experience for mobile!

News feed oriented broadcasting tool

The News feed oriented broadcasting tool on Vk.com enables users to share their news and other content on their profile wall. It supports up to 10 photo attachments and allows user mentions and hashtags. Multiple photo attachments are automatically scaled and arranged in a magazine-style layout. Users can switch the news feed between the all-news and the most interesting news modes. In addition, users can select different kinds of content such as photos, videos, audio files, and documents.


You may be experiencing issues with VK.com synchronization. It may not load or work in your phone. You may have a downed Internet connection or not enough storage space. We will be happy to assist you! You can also contact our customer support team through email at any time.

If you have separate e-mail accounts and mobile numbers, you can unlink these accounts. Unlinking certain numbers from your account was possible before by unpinning the page and changing your e-mail address. As of summer 2016, this option is not available. However, be aware that this process can take some time.

In addition to the above options, VKSync also tracks deleted audio recordings. When you sync your music with VKontakte, any track that is deleted from your collection will be placed in a folder called My MusicVKSync_Deleted_Audio Recordings. You can remove them manually, or use the VKSync application to delete them from the server. Using VKSync, you can choose the renaming template and the number of audio recordings to sync.

Like buttons

The Russian social network VKontakte has launched long-awaited emotional reactions for users. These emotions, expressed in the form of icons, will allow users to share their thoughts while reading their news feed. Users can use these emotions to express their gratitude, excitement, or sadness. These buttons will allow people to show their feelings with the click of a button, and they will also be able to share their reactions with other users of VK.

Another feature of VK is the addition of a ‘dislike’ button. Facebook users have been begging for this for years. Likes and dislikes will appear next to the comment. A comment will appear as ‘liked’ until enough users dislike it, or a certain amount of people does. Once enough people dislike a comment, it will disappear from the comment stream altogether.

To disable the Like button, go to the settings menu on your VK.com page. Click ‘Edit settings’. Choose the language you want to show in the Like section. It’s also possible to change the language for your VK account without switching to another language. To change the language of your VK account, you have to change the language of your system and firmware. The language setting is available in the VK application for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Before you can check whether someone has liked your content on VK.com, you need to know the name of the person who liked it. It’s easy to do this if you have the user’s email address and login under a false name. Go to their page, click on the photos section and choose ‘My bookmarks’. There, you’ll see the number of people who liked the content.

A VK user can choose which media to share, depending on what they want to share. They can also upload and share third-party music and videos. These features are illegal in most countries, but VK has taken no significant steps to prevent its users from using them. Despite these problems, VK is still the social media of the future. If you are in the mood for a Russian-style social networking site, you may want to consider VK.

Private messages

If you want to send private messages on VK.com, there are some basic things you need to know. There are limitations on certain activities, including the number of drugs you can send. These are set by the VK developers to discourage cheating and make working with the site easier. By understanding these limits and abiding by them, you will lower your chances of getting banned from the site. If you’re wondering what the limits are, read on to find out!

First, you should know that you can send private messages only to people who have a VK account. In order to send a private message, you must have a friend list. You can add friends by searching through your friends list. If you have a mutual friend, you can contact them to gain access. In general, you should avoid sending insults, as VK administrators will publish them anonymously.

Secondly, if you’d like to block other people from reading your messages, you can change your settings. Go to your settings and select “Private” as your privacy setting. This setting will hide your private messages from the public domain, but it won’t prevent them from being seen by others. By changing this setting, only VK users can see the messages you send to them. Then, you can select a new message address from your friends list.

Third, the number of private messages you send will be more limited than on other social networks. If you want to keep your private messages private, make sure you protect your privacy by using password protection. This option will help you keep track of who’s seeing what you’re saying. If you’re worried about being tracked, you should choose another social network. There’s a large number of free social networks to choose from, so there’s no excuse for you to be caught off-guard!

Having friends on VKontakte is a great way to stay connected. But you can’t add them all at once, so you have to pick several users and send them a message. That way, you can avoid the spam filter. And while you’re at it, you can use the private messages feature to send more messages to friends at one time. Lastly, make sure you check the settings of your private messages before you send them.