The Different Types of BR-Programm

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There are many types of BR-programm. BR24, BR-Klassik, BR-Horfunk, BR-KulturBuhne, and BR-KulturFreunde are some of the most popular ones. If you’re curious about the others, read on to learn about each one. This article will also teach you about the differences between each one. Hopefully, you’ll feel more confident in your ability to choose the best one for your listening pleasure.


BR24 is the new name for B5 aktuell, which will merge with the Rundschau and its digital offering to create BR24. The name stands for regionality, journalistic quality, and trustworthiness. BR24 offers verlassliche information in a media landscape that is increasingly becoming global and complex. It will be broadcast on the same frequencies as B5, which is why viewers will see it as the same station. Here are a few reasons why BR24 changed its name:

BR24 airs rolling news every 15 minutes. It also airs thematic programmes, including a 25-minute program on Sunday. During the week, it airs one half-hour program on Sunday, while on holidays, it airs a one-hour program. The network previously ran a mobile service, Bayern mobil, from 1998 to 2008 as a DAB pilot project. BR24 also airs concerts by the Symphoniorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunk, a German orchestra founded in 1949. Mariss Jansons was the music director from 2003 until his death in 2019.


BR-Programm If you enjoy classical music, the BR-Klassik radio programme might be the perfect choice for you. The program broadcasts on all bayerischen cable networks and on the internet in two different formats: MP3 and HLS. This article is a stub. You can improve it by adding information about other European radio stations. For example, if you want to know more about BR-Klassik, try this link:

BR-Programm In addition to broadcasting concerts by world-famous orchestras, the BR-Klassik also produces two TV magazines. KlickKlack, with hosts Sol Gabetta and Martin Grubinger, is a show with an old-time radio feel. The SWEET SPOT, hosted by U21vernetzt, aims to capture the young audience. It is a good idea to subscribe to both.


The Bayerischer Rundfunk is a Bavarian radio station with a history dating back to 1946. It is also home to the Munchen Radio Choir and has premiered works by composers such as Rafael Kubelik and Hans Pfitzner. In addition to its broadcasts, BR-Horfunk has also started producing podcasts and is a partner of Bayerisches Fernsehen. On a national scale, BR-Horfunk tends to opt out of broadcasts on the national ARD television station. A popular podcast, Sesamstrasse, was once considered inappropriate and too American by the Bavarian broadcasting authorities. Fortunately, it was not excluded for long.

BR-Programm BR’s main broadcasting facility is in Munich’s Freimann quarter and includes regional studios in Regensburg, Nuremberg, and Wurzburg. It also collaborates with other broadcasters to produce programming and features, and provides programming to several regional and national television networks, including ARD, Phoenix, and Das Erste. Among other things, BR provides programming for the national channel, ARD, and Das Erste.


BR-Programm BR-KulturBuhne Programm aims to promote regional culture, especially music and film. In addition to providing music, film and theatre programmes, the station also offers online content. However, the future of BR’s cultural programming depends on how the company conceives and implements its digital strategy. The new Intendant of BR, Katja Wildermuth, spoke with Kultur@BR.

BR-KulturBuhne is the successor of Corona and will feature bayerische culture as a mainstay. The BR-KulturBuhne Programm has become a focal point for centralized culture in the region. The channel will continue to offer broadcasts from the BR Symphony Orchestra and ARD installations. As a result, BR KulturBuhne is a vital, unsurpassed news source.

BR-Programm The new programmers for the BR-KulturBuhne include the legendary conductor, Simon Rattle. Rattle’s broad interests make him a perfect fit for our orchestra and the Bayerischer Rundfunk. While he may have a long list of musical accomplishments, Rattle’s goal is to promote classical music while simultaneously promoting culture and art. BR’s new musical lineup has something for everyone.

Despite the high number of visitors to this festival, a significant number of Brazilians are frightened of the Germans. There is an obvious link between pornography and violence. It is also common to see brasilian women sharing men for sex. The BR-KulturBuhne Programm highlights this relationship and challenges it. This is why many Brazilians consider brasilian artists to be a source of inspiration for their work.


After a ten-year absence, BR-Infonacht is returning for a special nightly program between 21 and 6 a.m., rebranded as “B5 aktuell”. The program will look back at major events of the past and present, as well as forward to events that will shape the future. The news broadcast will also appear on Norddeutsche Rundfunk and Mitteldeutsche Rundfunk. BR-Infonacht is a joint production of the MDR and ARD, and will be broadcasted on their networks.

B5 aktuell is the Horfunk-Informationsprogramm of the Bayerischen Rundfunk, and is the first information-oriented program to air in Germany. The program broadcasts stories about current affairs in the Freistaat, and is increasingly linked with BR24, which broadcasts Reportagen from around the globe on various holidays. In addition to the news-oriented format, B5 aktuell melds correspondents with topics that fall outside of the usual scope of reporting. The program also features “alternative facts,” which challenge mainstream media’s reporting.

BR-Infonacht is an informative news program broadcast on three German TV channels. In addition to the ARD, B5 aktuell, hr-iNFO, WDR 5 and AntenneSaar air the program every day. In addition to the news, it features podcasts and other multimedia, and offers a broad spectrum of topics that can be of interest to viewers. The ARD-Infonacht Programm runs in Northern Germany, Thuringen, Sachsen, and the Baltic states.

In addition to BR-Infonacht, ARD-Infonacht are also available on various platforms. BR-Infonacht Programm is available in Germany and around the world. Moreover, the ARD-Infonacht takes over the timeslot between midnight and 6 a.m. Historically, BR operated the Bayern mobile from 1998 until 2008. This was a DAB pilot project, which was canceled in 2008, but relaunched in 2009 to replace the station. Its music was provided by the Symphoniorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunk. Mariss Jansons was the music director from 2003 until his death on 30 November 2019.