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SQM Group is a customer experience software firm that helps North American call centers to improve FCR, employee satisfaction, and cost. They are headquartered in Vernon, British Columbia.

SQM Group employees earn an average annual salary of $45,987. They stay with the company for 2.3 years.

Customer Experience

SQM Group provides a wide range of customer experience solutions that are designed to help contact centers deliver an exceptional customer experience across all contact channels. Our services include CX benchmarking, employee surveys, and performance management tools to measure and improve first-call resolutions (FCR), customer experience, and employee retention.

Sqm group believes that delivering great customer service through a contact channel is a team effort and is committed to working with your organization to implement CX strategies based on best practices for people, processes, and technology. This commitment is reflected in our blog posts and resources on First Call Resolutions, customer service research, and proven best practices to improve the contact center customer experience.

FCR is the measure of whether a customer can resolve they are inquiry or problems with the least amount of effort. It is also a measurement of whether the customer experiences positive emotions and satisfaction with their service. This metric is the foundation for the overall customer experience strategy and should be used as the core metric in most CX strategy planning discussions.

As a leading contact center consultant, SQM Group offers benchmarking studies that include post-contact survey feedback from customers and focus groups to measure and compare the customer experience delivered across all contact channels. These studies provide valuable insights into how customers are responding to your organization and help you design, execute, and measure the customer experience strategy.

For over 10 years,

For over 10 years, SQM has been conducting multi-channel contact center benchmarking studies to measure the customer experience delivered across all of an organization’s touchpoints – including the call center and the website. The results of these studies provide a comprehensive view of the customer experience delivered across all contact channels and can be utilized to create accountability for the contact center.

Providing seamless customer service is essential for today’s connected customers. SQM Group’s research shows that 93% of all customers using the call center and 72% of all customers using the website expect to be able to resolve they are inquiry or problems with the least amount possible of effort. This is a significant opportunity for an organization to differentiate itself from its competitors and increase loyalty.

SQM Group Contact Center Performance

SQM group offers a number of contact center performance services, including FCR measurement, benchmarking, and Best Practice consulting. These services have helped clients improve their call center First Call Resolutions (FCR) and customer experience (CX) outcomes as well as reduce operating costs, improve employee satisfaction and engagement, and enhance employee productivity.

First Call Resolution is a metric that measures agents’ ability to resolve an inquiry or problems on the first call. It is a key driver for delivering high customer satisfaction, referrals, and retention business outcomes because it removes the need for customers to follow up after their initial inquiry or issue has been resolved.

Internal and External Methods

Call centers can measure their FCR using internal and external methods. The most popular external method is the post-call survey, which can be completed via email, IVR, or phone interviewer survey methods within one business day of a customer’s call to the contact center.

Many contact centers also use Average Handle Time (AHT) to evaluate agent performance. This metric is important for measuring how long an agent takes to complete a call, but it can mask other issues that may be impacting customer service and efficiency.

Moreover, agents that have lower AHT tend to have higher FCR or call resolution performance. If an agent is taking a long time to answer a customer’s inquiry or problems, it can negatively impact their Csat and increase customer dissatisfaction.

For example, SQM research shows that when an agent takes more than two minutes to answer a customer’s inquiry or issue, it can cause the caller to feel frustrated and become dissatisfied.

SQM offers a comprehensive call center monitoring solution that captures and analyzes the voice of the customer (VoC) data in real time for each contact center and agent. This data is available in a secure encrypted platform through mySQM(tm) customer service quality assurance software.

The results of this data analysis are provided in a quarterly report to the contact center and management team. The report highlights opportunities for reducing repeat contacts as well as providing insights and recommendations for enhancing the overall customer experience.

SQM Group Contact Center Technology

Whether you’re using a cloud-based solution or an on-premise contact center, sqm group offers a full-stack suite of cloud solutions that help your contact center deliver world-class customer and employee experiences. These include mySQM CX Insights, knowledge builder, rewards & recognition, customer quality assurance, benchmarking & ranking, and e-learning.

Call center quality management is an essential part of a customer experience-driven business. With a strong quality program, your call center can identify problem areas and improve customer satisfaction. This improves your overall call center performance and helps you maintain a high level of customer loyalty.

SQM Group has a wealth of research and experience in customer contact measurement and benchmarking. They have worked with a range of organizations to achieve world-class call center results.

Resolution (FCR)

For example, they have studied how First Contact Resolution (FCR) impacts call center operations and customers’ satisfaction scores. They have found that half of all calls are due to issues not being resolved on the first call, which leads to higher frustration levels and more customer inquiries in the future. They have found that if FCR is improved, it can cut a company’s cost per call by up to 38% and increase customer retention by 59%.

The best way to make sure FCR is improved is through an action plan that identifies the customer and their issues analyze the call and then suggests specific actions to improve FCR and Customer Satisfaction (Csat) metrics. This process is the core of their contact center best practices.

Another key feature of a good contact center technology is desktop analytics, which allows you to track agent activity on their screen during a call. This can give you a clearer view of how your agents interact with their customers, so you can tailor the caller’s experience to meet their needs.

Another important feature of a contact center is the ability to automatically route calls to agents that have skills that match the type of issue the customer has. This can reduce the amount of time it takes for a customer to reach a live agent and boost productivity by allowing agents to focus on one-on-one interaction with customers.

SQM Group Contact Center Benchmarking

SQM group offers a range of contact center benchmarking services to help you identify how your contact center is performing against industry standards and competitors. This will help you develop a plan to improve your contact center’s performance, placing your company among the top performers.

Customer Experience Benchmarking (also called VoC benchmarking) is the process of measuring and comparing the quality of customer service delivered by contact centers. It can be used for both internal and external comparisons, depending on your goals.

One of the most important CX metrics for today’s connected customers is First Call Resolutions. This metric indicates how well an organization’s call center or website handles a customer inquiry or problems on the first contact.

However, First Call Resolutions rates can vary significantly from industry to industry and from call center to website. It is important to choose a benchmark that takes into account the specialties of your industry and the specifics of your organization’s customer service practices.

Another important metric is Call Abandonment Rate. It measures the percentage of calls that are dropped by customers, typically due to long waiting times or poor customer service. This is a metric that is important to track for several reasons, such as improving customer satisfaction and reducing the cost of customer complaints.

Deliver Center’s

In order to ensure that your call center’s agents deliver a great customer experience, you need to evaluate their performance using a scorecard. It helps you compare an agent’s real-time dialogues with your call center’s standards and goals, giving you insights into how well they handle customer interactions. It also allows you to monitor and analyze trends in the data, which can give you insight into how your agents’ performance is improving or deteriorating over time.

SQM group has a team of experts who can provide a range of contact center benchmarking services. These include first-call resolution measurement, employee satisfaction studies, and a range of benchmarking reports that will help you determine how well your call center is performing against industry standards.